City of Columbia Sealed Solicitation

Title: Informal Bid for Sale of Capital Outlay Note

Deadline: 7/29/2019 1:00 PM   (UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)

Status: Deadline Expired

Solicitation Number: 99-0719-27


The City of Columbia invites qualified institutions to submit proposals to provide bank qualified financing up to three hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($350,000.00). Proceeds of the note will be used to reimburse the City of Columbia Sanitation Fund Reserves for the purchase of a new front loading commercial garbage truck and a portion of the cost of a new recycling truck. The bid offering the most favorable terms and lowest overall financing costs over an amortization period of five years shall be considered. The financing will be secured by the full faith and credit of the City of Columbia, Tennessee.


Documents as of 7/16/2019
RFP - Informal Bid for Sale of Capital Outlay Note.pdf