Solicitation From: City of Griffin

RFQC -VRF HVAC System Replacement
5/11/2016 2:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time)
The City of Griffin (City) is issuing this Request for Qualified Contractors (RFQC) for HVAC services firms with a strong record in successfully completing design/build commercial projects that provide master planning, programming, conceptual architectural/engineering design and installation for a variable refrigerant flow (VRF) HVAC system replacement at the City Hall building. The City seeks to retain a consultant team comprised of a firm (or firms) with broad experience and qualifications in the successful planning, programming, design and installation of VRF HVAC systems similar in scope, size and scale to the project planned by the City. The goal of this RFQC is to determine the firms that are the most qualified to fulfill the requirements of this project as well as satisfy the codes and standards regulated by the State of Georgia. The project consists of but is not limited to, preparation of design drawings, contract documents, bidding, and installation of the VRF systems.
4/25/2016 2:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time)
location: City Hall, 3rd Floor Main Conference Room (100 S Hill St, Griffin, GA) In addition to serving as a ‘site’ visit, the purpose of this meeting will be to provide those interested with an oral presentation of the City’s requirements and to allow for the presentation of questions. There will be a walkthrough of various areas of interest in the building after the meeting. Although attendance at the pre-conference meeting is not mandatory, it is considered as part of the evaluation criteria and attendance or non-attendance will be graded accordingly in the evaluation scores. All interested parties are ‘strongly’ urged to attend. No other meeting is planned, nor will any additional walkthroughs be allowed.


Posted on 5/20/2016


Posted on 6/9/2016

This RFQC will be re-issued
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