City of Battle Creek Sealed Solicitation

Title: Marketing for the Transportation Authority of Calhoun County (TACC)

Deadline: 5/8/2024 4:00 PM   (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Status: Deadline Expired

Solicitation Number: 2024-079R

Description: The City of Battle Creek, on behalf of the Transportation Authority of Calhoun County, is seeking to hire a marketing firm to assist with the branding, marketing, education, print, publication, communications, and other media related tasks as requested by the Transportation Authority of Calhoun County. The immediate needs of the TACC include educational materials and communications related to proposed services. All work should focus on community education rather than advocacy.  While the City will hold the contract, the selected contractor will work directly with the TACC, and the work will be funded 100% by the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 funds (ARPA).


Documents as of 4/26/2024
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Date Company Name
4/26/2024 4:53:18 PM ShawneTV
4/26/2024 5:09:12 PM Hexx Design LLC.
4/26/2024 9:31:55 PM PWXPress
4/26/2024 11:46:57 PM AG Ltd
4/26/2024 11:51:29 PM alisha pvt ltd
4/27/2024 2:38:39 AM SevenOutsource
4/28/2024 11:55:04 AM Envision Advertising Design & Video Production LLC
4/28/2024 8:47:37 PM Hosler LLC
4/29/2024 4:55:13 AM School Wholesale Supplies LLC
4/29/2024 8:30:09 AM Gud Marketing
4/29/2024 4:25:59 PM 22nd Century Technologies, Inc.
4/29/2024 8:37:32 PM T ROSE
4/30/2024 4:32:36 AM Penelope Consulting
4/30/2024 5:41:40 PM Moore & Associates, Inc.
5/1/2024 9:13:54 AM Self
5/1/2024 9:55:32 AM Crystal Cranes Media
5/1/2024 10:34:52 AM Factory Detroit Inc.
5/1/2024 11:35:32 AM Addis Enterprises
5/3/2024 1:44:18 PM Cellco Partnership
5/6/2024 10:11:27 AM Blended Collective, LLC
5/17/2024 11:38:22 AM Stratford Berkshire Group