County of Escambia Quote

Title: Hurricane Sally Repairs at Solid Waste Pole Barn

Deadline: 3/23/2023 2:00 PM   (UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)

Status: In Review

Quote Number: FAC_HS_SWPB_LB



This contract is to remove and replace the herein specified damaged components located at the Solid Waste Open Storage (Pole Barn) located at 13009 Beulah Road in Cantonment, Florida.

Coordinates: 30°34'44.7"N, 87°24'07.5"W
FEMA DI: 419300
FEMA Project Number: 177895
FEMA PW: 403


1. It is the responsibility of the Contractor to fully investigate the existing conditions and scope recommendations associated with this project prior to submitting a bid. 
2. All construction and construction actions shall comply with local, state, and federal safety codes/requirements.
3. Contractor shall supply, receive, off-load, and maintain all materials and equipment needed to support and achieve the work described above.
4. All equipment necessary to perform the work shall be provided by the Contractor. The use of Escambia County’s equipment and personnel shall not be permitted.
5. The Contractor shall protect the building components and surrounding property from any damage directly or indirectly related to the construction activities and provide all construction barriers required by this work to protect the Contractors and Escambia County’s property and personnel.
6. The Contractors bid shall include, but not be limited to, mobilization, safety, overhead equipment, materials installation equipment, personnel, and profit fees to perform the work described.
7. The contractor shall verify all existing conditions referred to in the document and take steps necessary for compliance with the recommendations and specific drawing details.
8. Work shall be limited to normal business hours only, unless prior approval is requested, and granted.
9. Contractor shall be responsible for securing all materials staging areas and permits required to perform the work.
10. Contractor will be required to adhere to all FEMA guidelines for disaster construction.
11. All contracts/purchase orders over $25,000.00 will require a performance and payment bond to be recorded prior to work beginning.
11. Work shall be completed within 30 calendar days.
12. An on-site walkthrough is scheduled for March 1, 2023 at 3:00 PM. Location of the Pole Barn is indicated at the red pin on the map below.

Note - Contractor is encouraged to perform a bid walkthrough of the work area to field measure and verify all documented dimensions and component counts. Walkthrough date shall be listed in the bid documents. Square footages listed below are estimates only.

General Statement:
The Solid Waste Open Storage (Pole Barn) is located at 13009 Beulah Road in Cantonment, Florida. Built in 1990 as part of a larger operational facility, the pole barn is used to house tractors and other equipment when not in use at the Perdido Landfill. It is a simply constructed one story building consisting of an open air wood framed structure with a wood truss and corrugated metal panel gable roof. High winds and impact damage from flying debris were the main causes of the damages observed at the pole barn.

Work Required:
The damages sustained to the Solid Waste Open Storage (Pole Barn) were limited to the roof and roof structure, but were significant enough to be considered major repairs. Firstly, the damaged corrugated metal panels on both the roof and gable ends need to be removed in order to access the wood framing supporting the metal panels. Once a proper evaluation of the roof structure is performed, the damaged components of the wood framing and the eight (8) damaged wood trusses need to be removed and new lumber installed, which does include new prefabricated wood trusses and 2” x 4” wood purlins. Once the wooden trusses are back in place and tied together via the wood purlins, corrugated metal panels can be reinstalled on the roof and at the gable ends.

1)  Remove and Replace eight (8) - 50 Linear Feet, 4/12 Trusses on the structure. Price shall be listed as LF of Truss.
2)  Remove and Replace approximately 5,500 Square Feet of Corrugated Metal Roofing and Corrugated Metal Gable Ends. Price shall be listed as SF of Metal.
3)  Remove and Replace 96 Linear Feet of Metal Ridge Cap. Price shall be listed as LF of Ridge Cap.
4)  Remove and Replace approximately 300 Linear Feet of 6" Facia Metal. Price shall be listed as LF of Facia Metal.
5)  Remove and Replace 96 Each of Truss Hurricane Straps. Price shall be listed as EA of Hurricane Straps.

Quality Control:
The individual designated as the job foreman or superintendent must have a minimum of five (5) years’ experience in the relevant trade with specific experience and certification from the manufacturer of the approved components. The designated person must be familiar with the Plans and Specifications, and other documents affecting the technical portion of the work. Copies of these documents must be on the job site and available for reference.

Proceed with work only when existing and forecasted weather conditions are favorable to permit a unit of work to be installed in accordance with manufacturers and warranty requirements. Do not expose vulnerable materials or building structure components subject to water or ultra violet damage in quantities greater than what can be weatherproofed during the same day of exposure.

The Contractor shall establish and maintain an inspection procedure to assure compliance of the work with the plans and specifications.

The Quality Control individual shall provide the Owner and Consultant with daily reports in numerical sequence for all calendar days worked during the project.

The reports shall be transmitted weekly to the Owner and Consultant. Each report should contain a minimum of:

1. Schedule changes and/or weather-related delays that may affect project completion date; start/end time for the day; number, craft and skill level of workers on site.
2. Compliance of material verification before installation.
3. Inspection of substrates and equipment before application work.
4. Physical condition inspection of all internal components before application work.
5. Other comments or special occurrences.

Any work or material not in compliance with the plans, specifications, and change orders shall be marked and be immediately reported to the County Construction Manager and removed from the project.

Quality Assurance:
The contractor shall be responsible for providing the materials manufacturer representative to observe at substantial completion.