Solicitation From: City of Alamogordo

Effluent Storage Pond P1-3 Improvements – Desert Lakes Golf Course
1/18/2018 2:00 PM (Mountain Standard Time)
Deadline Expired
PW Bid 2017-017
The work will consist of reshaping and covering of the pond liner edges with rip-rap for ponds 1 through 3 at the Desert Lakes Golf Course, including additional fill and geoweb material. Contractor shall be required to substantially complete the work at pumping Pond 2 prior to Ponds 1 and 3.
1/3/2018 1:30 PM (Mountain Standard Time)
A Mandatory Pre-Bid Conference will be held at 1:30 p.m. (MST) on January 3, 2018, at the Desert Lakes Golf Course Clubhouse, 2351 Hamilton Road, Alamogordo, NM. Prospective BIDDERS must attend the Pre-Bid Conference in order for a BID to be considered.

Addendum #1

Posted on 1/9/2018

Addendum #1 PW Bid 2017-017
1/18/2018 2:00:00 PM (Mountain Standard Time)
PW Bid 2017-017
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