Alabama A & M University Sealed Solicitation

Title: Vacuum System Upgrades to PVD 75 System for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department

Deadline: 9/7/2018 2:00 PM   (UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)

Status: Cancelled

Solicitation Number: Bid No. 2K18-31B


Alabama A&M University (“University”) is seeking bids from qualified vendors to provide an upgrade to Alabama A&M University’s PVD 75 System with serial number PRD093626. The upgrade includes an RF bias platen with 350 degree Celsius heating.  All services are briefly described below.  Please refer to the descriptions below when providing pricing on the Request for Formal Bid Sheet.  The descriptions of the numbered sections will be provided on the Request for Formal Bid sheet.  Each bidder should bid each section so to include all services summarized below. All parts are new unless otherwise specified in each section.

1.      Alabama A&M University RF Bias Upgrade TC#6041

·         (1) new platen assembly with RF bias and 350 degree Celsius heat

·         (1) R301 RF power supply

·         (1) AT3 RF tuner

·         All cables, wires, and airlines for upgrade

·         Updated software screens with applicable interlocks and recipes

 2.      On-site Installation and Testing

·         (1) service technician on site for three (3) 8-hour days

·         Customer training, acceptance, and sign-off

·         Estimated travel expenses

·         Any additional parts required as a result of the service visit will be billed separately

 3.      Power Distribution

·         Upgrade will utilize existing rack components and power distribution

·         A dedicated earth ground is required for installation

 4.      Documentation

·         Engineering drawings (including mechanical assembly, vacuum schematic, water flow schematic, electrical design) on CD

·         OEM manuals are to be provided for all system components

 5.      Warranty

·         Warranty term shall be defined on Request for Proposal Sheet

·         Other Warranty terms and conditions should be provided as attached document(s)

 6.      Quality and Safety

·         Vendor shall provide evidence of ISO Certification

7.      Upgrade Performance

·         Vendor should provide documentation about their company’s quality standards and standard for functional testing.

o   Functional testing consists of the verification of the installation, proper set-up and operation of all vendor-supplied controls, vacuum components and deposition equipment within normal operational limits.

o   Alabama A&M University is to be supplied with all relevant documentation.

·         Vendor-controlled systems and software will be verified to communicate and operate with applicable components.

·         Vendor-installed vacuum components can be helium leaked with a 100 AMU residual gas analyzer

·         Vendor-supplied deposition and process equipment will be set up and operated to include power supply and controller parameters, pressure control, source operation and film thickness control utilizing standard materials per PMF-PED-282 Standard Test Materials.

 8.      Training and Support

·         Vendor will provide a minimum of 4 hours of remote installation support for customers in addition to the training provided on site

·         Vendor will provide pricing rate for additional on-site training and service

The awarded vendor must follow Federal and State of Alabama laws and Alabama A&M University policies and procedures throughout the duration of the contract.


Addition 1

Posted: 9/7/2018

Type of Addition: Cancellation Information

Overview: No bids were received. This bid will be reissued as Bid No. 2K18-34B.

Posted: 9/7/2018

Type of Addition: Cancellation Information

Overview: No bids were received. This bid will be reissued as Bid No. 2K18-34B.