City of Boaz Sealed Solicitation

Title: Bid No. 2021-09-111 Railroad Crossing Materials

Deadline: 10/6/2021 9:30 AM   (UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)

Status: Deadline Expired

Solicitation Number: 2021-09-111


The City of Boaz, Alabama is taking material bids for full depth rubber panels for railroad crossings.  Field pads and gauge pads to accommodate 8’6” wood ties.  Total footage is 360’.  Bid to include necessary mounting hardware. 


10” x 3/4” galvanized lag screws, covered with rubber plug.  Not to include deflector shields. 

Rail Size #132

Rail Gauge 56 1/2”

Wood tie size 8’6” on 18” centers


Documents as of 9/23/2021
2021-09-111 Railroad Crossing Materials.pdf