Town of Bluffton Sealed Solicitation

Title: Economic Development of Buckwalter Commerce Parcel Request for Proposal

Deadline: 6/5/2023 2:00 PM   (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Status: Deadline Expired

Solicitation Number: 2023-62

Description: The Town of Bluffton, South Carolina (Town) is seeking development proposals from qualified firms or teams (Developer) for the opportunity to purchase and develop Town-owned property located at 97 Progressive Street and identified by Beaufort County Parcel numbers R610 030 000 1848 0000, R610 022 000 1103 0000, and R610 030 000 1649 0000. Because of its location in a Town-owned commercial/industrial park, a variety of commercial, office, and light industrial uses are permitted. The Town has the ability to fast-track reviews by Town Planning Department and Boards.

The intended outcome of this RFP is the negotiation of a public/private partnership agreement which will establish the terms and conditions and further define the scope, design, overall use and development of the project upon which the selected Developer can purchase and develop the selected parcel.


Documents as of 4/25/2023
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Date Company Name
4/25/2023 9:18:46 AM Caldwell Design and Emgineering
4/25/2023 10:34:39 AM Orchestra Partners Development
4/25/2023 10:59:41 AM GEL Engineering
4/25/2023 1:43:11 PM ESP Associates, Inc.
4/25/2023 2:34:44 PM Soil Consultants, Inc.
4/25/2023 4:50:41 PM PWXPress
4/26/2023 3:19:38 AM IMS
4/26/2023 3:20:19 AM AG Ltd
4/26/2023 4:55:55 AM SevenOutsource
4/26/2023 9:57:23 AM Dolnik Properties
4/27/2023 9:26:28 AM McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture
4/27/2023 10:11:10 PM Wade Development Group
5/1/2023 3:07:41 PM Ward Edwards, Inc.
5/3/2023 3:42:02 PM Coastal Coatings and Lining Inc.
5/5/2023 6:01:28 AM Alliance Consulting Engineers, Inc.
5/12/2023 10:42:27 AM Southern Palmetto Landscapes Inc.
5/16/2023 10:46:16 AM Pyramid Contracting
5/22/2023 9:28:57 AM Wood+Partners
5/30/2023 6:24:53 AM The Greenery Inc.
6/1/2023 6:17:55 PM Witmer Jones Keefer
6/2/2023 1:36:38 PM K-Con Building Systems
9/1/2023 11:49:45 AM ConstructConnect