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Sealed Existing Davie County High School Demolition – Phase 2 1/29/2018 4:00:00 PM Open Project No. 17-466 Sealed Single Prime bids for the demolition of the existing Davie County High School will be received by Davie County in the 2nd floor Commissioners Conference Room located in the Davie County Administration Building, 123 South Main Street, Mocksville, North Carolina until 4:00 p.m. on Monday, January 29, 2018. Sealed bids will be publicly opened after the 4:00 deadline on Monday, January 29, 2018 in the 2nd floor Commissioners Conference Room located in the Davie County Administration Building, 123 South Main Street, Mocksville, North Carolina. The work includes the demolition of select buildings on the Old Davie County High School campus by a Single Prime Contractor. The extent of the work is shown on the drawings & specified in the project manual. The project consists of the demolition of selected buildings, asbestos removal, site components, utilities and grading. The school is located at 1200 S Salisbury St, Mocksville, NC 27028. Bidding documents, drawings and specifications may be examined in the office of Fuller Architecture. Pdf’s of the drawings and specifications will be made available to all bidders via email. Each proposal must be accompanied by a Bid Deposit of cash, certified check or a fully executed Bid Bond payable to Davie County in an amount of five percent (5%) of the gross amount of the proposal executed in accordance with and conditioned as prescribed by North Carolina General Statute 143-8-129 as amended. If the successful bidder fails to execute the contract within 30 days after the award or fails to give satisfactory surety as required by law, the above deposit will be retained by Davie County. All contractors are hereby notified that they must be properly licensed under the laws of North Carolina governing their trades. A Payment and Performance Bond will be required each in the sum equal to 100% of the Contract Sum. No Bidder may withdraw his bid within 30 days after the scheduled closing time for receipt of bids. Bidders shall use complete sets of Bidding Documents in preparing Bids. Neither the Owner or the Architect assumes responsibility for errors or misinterpretations resulting from the use of incomplete sets of Bidding Documents. The project is scheduled to begin demolition no later than Feb. 26th, 2018 and be substantially complete on or before June 15th, 2018. Liquidated damages of $750/day will be imposed starting June 16th, 2018. As part of the bidding process, a pre-bid meeting will be held for all interested bidders and vendors at 1:00 on Tuesday the 16th day of January 2018 under the front breezeway at the Old Davie County High School located at 1200 S. Salisbury Street, Mocksville, NC. A site visit will immediately follow. A follow up site visit will be made available for anyone interested at 1:00 on the 23rd day of January 2018. Contractors are hereby notified that Davie County has a verifiable ten (10) percent goal for the participation by minority businesses in the total value of work for which the contract is awarded in order to follow North Carolina G.S. 143-128. Minority percentages will not be the basis for selecting the low bidder. All minority businesses are encouraged to participate in bidding this project. Davie County reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive non-material informalities. 1
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