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Sealed Landscaping Services 1/23/2018 2:00:00 PM Open IFB 17-261 The successful Bidder will establish a comprehensive service schedule that brings quality, prompt and professional services to the properties under BCHA’s management. The successful Bidder will submit a schedule indicating service dates for a 3 month period, one (1) month prior to commencement at each location. Contractor will notify Property Manager or Contact Person as to any changes in schedule due to unforeseen conditions, such as deterrent weather. Routine Service • The total contract price shall be based on the mowing of all sites, twenty-seven (27) times during the general period beginning approximately February 1, 2018, and ending January 31, 2020. • The Contractor shall mow each designated area no more than twenty-four (24) times and shall not mow any area before or after the contract period without specific written permission from BCHA. BCHA reserves the right to impose penalties upon any Bidder who fails to adhere to the mowing frequency as specified. • The Contractor will inspect all turf areas to be mowed for loose trash and debris prior to mowing. Contractor will supply plastic bags and be responsible for the gathering, bagging and removal of all dead leaves, grass clippings and tree and shrub trimmings from walkways, driveways, parking lot areas, lawns, flower beds, playgrounds, etc. All cuttings and debris will be removed from properties. • It is expected that each site will be mowed once every 15 days, with the exception of the rainy season (July - September) where it is required to be mowed once every 10 days, although BCHA reserves the right to adjust this schedule due to turf growth rate, weather conditions, public use of particular areas, special events, or other factors. • The Contractor will work with BCHA to determine when mowing frequencies need to be increased or decreased. Any increase or decrease in the number of mowing at one or more locations, shall not affect the per-unit pricing for mowing as proposed at the remaining locations. Should the number of mowing at one or more locations be increased or decreased, the contract price will be adjusted accordingly, based on the unit price proposed for the particular location(s) affected. 5
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