Quote Request: Request for Quotes - Matco Maximus Diagnostic Scan Tools

Deadline: 10/31/2019 11:00 AM (Eastern Standard Time)

Status: Published


The Beaufort County School District is requesting quotes for Matco Maximus Diagnostic Scan Tools. Submit offer by: Quotes should be submitted to - Beaufort County School District, Kaylee Yinger, Procurement Coordinator, by 11:00 AM on Thursday, October 31, 2019 via email to kaylee.yinger@beaufort.k12.sc.us  or faxed to 843-322-0748.

  • Testers: Engine Analysis, Headlight, Ignition, Timing, Compression, Oscilloscopes, Stroboscopes, Etc.
  • Integrated Hardware-Software I.T. Solution (Microcomputer)
  • Cables: Printer, Disk, Network, Etc.
  • Testing Equipment For Computers And Related Equipment
  • Diagnostic Equipment, Electronic (Not Otherwise Itemized)
  • Emulators, Telecommunication