Quote Request: Hilti Electric Demo hammer Drill part # TE80-ATC/AVR

Deadline: 8/24/2019 10:00 AM (Central Standard Time)

Status: Deadline Expired

Quote Number: FMPW2019-6

Description: Quote for one Hilti Demo Hammer TE80-ATC/AVR

  • Insulated Clothing
  • Power Tools And Appliances, Dental: Drills, Grinders, Lathes, Vibrators, Etc.
  • Anchors, Expansion Shields, Molly Bolts, Plugs, Toggle Bolts, U-Bolts, Etc.
  • Grease, Lubrication Type
  • Bits, Dies, Drivers, Reamers, Taps, Etc. (For Hand Tools, Powered And Non-Powered)
  • Bricklaying Tools
  • Drills, Hand, Non-Powered: Braces, Etc.
  • Drills, Hand, Portable, (Powered), Automatic
  • Fastening Tools: Nailing Machines, Staplers, Tackers, Etc.
  • Hammers, Mallets, Crow Bars, Pinch Bars, Pry Bars, Ripping Bars, Sledges, Wrecking Bars, All Types
  • Handles, Tool, All Kinds (See 285-30 For Dielectric Handles)
  • Orthopedic Equipment: Bone Plates, Bone Saws, Cast Cutters, Drills, Nails, Pins, Prosthetic Bones And Joints, Screws, Etc.
  • Drills, Stationary, Electric Powered: Arbor, Press, Etc.
  • Drills, Stationary, Hydraulic Powered: Arbor, Press, Etc.
  • Impact Tools, Air Powered (Not Road Building)
  • Posthole Diggers And Earth Drills, Powered, Portable
  • Water Hammer Arrester
  • Paper Drilling Machines
  • Breaker/Drill, Gasoline Powered
  • Core Drilling Rigs And Accessories
  • Diamond Core Drills
  • Drill Steel And Rock Bits
  • Hydraulic Attachments And Accessories (Hammers, Rams, Etc.)
  • Pneumatic Machines: Demolition Tools, Paving Breakers, Rock Cutters, Tampers, Etc. (See 765-80 For Non-Pneumatic Tampers)
  • Pneumatic Tool Accessories: Bits, Chisels, Points, Spades, Tampers, Etc.
  • Fabric Drills, All Types
  • Construction, Bridge And Drawbridge (Includes Reconstruction/Rehabilitation)