Title: Hallendale Drive Pipe Lining Project

Deadline: 10/17/2018 5:00 PM   (Central Daylight Time)

Status: Deadline Expired

Quote Number: 10032018


Project consist of removing and replacing a section (point repair) of damaged 24" Corrugated Plastic Pipe, then installing a Cast-In-Place Pipe Liner the length of the pipe. 

Project is located adjacent to 6694 Hallendale Drive in Pensacola, FL 

We have inspection video of the pipe and will send out upon request.

The budget for this project $50,000.00 or less.

  • C.I.P., Utilities

Itemized List:

Description Qty UOM Substitutions Allowed Link Files
Mobilization 1 LS No
Maintenance of Traffic 1 LS No
Repair Existing 24" Corrugated Plastic Pipe (Point Repair) 1 LS No
Sod (Match Existing) 50 SY No
Remove Existing Asphalt, 2" Average Depth 30 SY No
12" Stabilized Subgrade 30 SY No
6" Graded Aggregate Base 30 SY No
Remove Existing Curb 25 LF No
County Type B Curb and Gutter 26 LF No
Sawcut and Remove Existing Concrete 33 SY No
4" Fiber Reinforced Concrete Driveway 33 SY No
Pre-Clean Existing Pipe Prior to Lining (Includes Removing All Debris and Obstructions from Pipe) 1 LS No
Post Lining CCTV Video Inspection 1 LS No
Install 24" Cast-In-Place Pipe Liner 180 LF No