Drone, Software and Accessories

Contract Properties

Contract Name: Drone, Software and Accessories

Contract Number: 21-0043

Solicitation Number: 20-120720

Amount: $28,458

Start Date: 12/15/2020

Expiration: 12/30/2021


Name: Advexure LLC

Contact: Travis Waibel

Email: twaibel@advexure.com

Phone: +14243174451

Job Title: Administrator

Diversity: SBE (Small Business Enterprise);SLBE (Small Local Business Enterprise)

Attached Files

Name:   Contract with Advexure LLC

File Name:    201215Contract_with_Advexure.pdf



Cancellation Date: 12/30/2021

Cancellation Reason: Switch to Axon Air which offers more features and storage for footage.