Maintenance and Repair of Overhead Doors and Operators

Contract Properties

Contract Name: Maintenance and Repair of Overhead Doors and Operators

Solicitation Number: 17-071417

Start Date: 8/15/2017

Expiration: 8/14/2021


A-1 Door Company

Administrators and Users

Manager: Hollie Casey


Name: Barber MTV Inc.

Contact: Kenneth Grant


Phone: 8042713035

Job Title: Business Owner

Diversity: None

Attached Files

Name:   RFQ for Repair of Overhead Doors

File Name:    170714RFQPMnRepairofOverheadDoors.pdf

Name:   A-1 Contract Renewal Yr 2

File Name:    190806A-1DoorContractRenewalYr2Signed.pdf

Name:   Contract with A-1 Door Company

File Name:    170821ContractwithA-1DoorCompanySigned.pdf

Name:   A-1 Contract Renewal Yr 3

File Name:    200815A-1DoorContractRenewalYr3Signed.pdf

Name:   A-1 Contract Renewal Yr 1

File Name:    180628A-1DoorContractRenewalYr1Signed.pdf


Renewal Length In Months: 12 months


Cancellation Date: 08/23/2021

Cancellation Reason: Did not renew for 4th renewal. Could not negotiate on price increases.