Fire Apparatus & Ambulance Maintenance and Repairs - Atlantic

Contract Properties

Contract Name: Fire Apparatus & Ambulance Maintenance and Repairs - Atlantic

Solicitation Number: 16-123016

Start Date: 2/21/2017

Expiration: 2/20/2022


Atlantic Emergency Solutions, Inc.

Administrators and Users

Manager: Hollie Casey


Name: Atlantic Emergency Solutions, Inc.

Contact: John Trotter


Phone: 7039399911

Diversity: None

Attached Files

Name:   Atlantic Contract Renewal Yr 2

File Name:    190613AtlanticEmegContractRenewal2Signed.pdf

Name:   RFP for Fire Apparatus Maint & Repair

File Name:    161230RFPforFireApparatusMaintandRepair.pdf

Name:   Atlantic Contract Renewal Yr 1

File Name:    180118AtlanticEmergContractRenewal1Signed.pdf

Name:   Atlantic Contract Renewal Yr 3

File Name:    200108AtlanticEmergContractRenewal3.pdf

Name:   Contract with Atlantic Emergency Solutions

File Name:    170227ContractwithAltanticEmergSolutionsSigned.pdf

Name:   Atlantic Contract Renewal Yr 4

File Name:    210311AtlanticEmergContractRenewal4.pdf


Renewal Length In Months: 12 months

Renewal History

Renewal #:   1      End Date:   2/20/2022