Towing Services

Contract Properties

Contract Name: Towing Services

Contract Number: 20-0064

Solicitation Number: 20-020520

Start Date: 3/18/2020

Expiration: 3/18/2023


Name: Joe Owen Towing

Contact: Joseph Owen, Sr.


Phone: +18045866666

Diversity: None

Attached Files

Name:   Joe Owen Contract Renewal Yr 1

File Name:    210312Joe_Owen_Renewal_Yr_1.pdf

Name:   Joe Owen Contract Renewal Yr 2

File Name:    220126Joe_Owen_Contract_Renewal_Yr_2.pdf

Name:   Contract with Joe Owen Towing

File Name:    200310ContractwithJoeOwenTowing.pdf


# of renewals: 2

Renewal Length In Months: 12 months

Renewal History

Renewal #:   1      End Date:    3/18/2022

Renewal #:   2      End Date:   3/18/2023