Emergency Telephone Notification System

Contract Properties

Contract Name: Emergency Telephone Notification System

Solicitation Number: 14-031614

Start Date: 7/1/2014

Expiration: 6/30/2022


Onsolve, LLC

Attached Files

Name:   Contract with FirstCall Network

File Name:    140618ContractwithFirstCallNetworkSigned.pdf

Name:   Contract Amendment 1

File Name:    160408ContractAmendmentECNSigned.pdf

Name:   Contract Amendment 3

File Name:    181105ContractAmendment3Signed.pdf

Name:   Contract Amendment 2

File Name:    170720ContractAmendment2Signed.pdf

Name:   Onsolve Contract Renewal 1

File Name:    180320OnsolveContractRenewal1.pdf


# of renewals: 1

Renewal Length In Months: 48 months