Contracts From Arlington County Government

Name Contract Number Solicitation Number Amount Company Name Start Date Cancellation Date Expiration Date
11th Street Park Renovations 23-CPHD-ITBPW-379 23-CPHD-ITBPW-379 Francos Liberty Bridge Inc
3/16/2023 3/16/2024
15th Street S and S Fern Street Intersection Upgrades 23-DES-ITBPW-291 23-DES-ITBPW-291 Ardent Company, LLC
12/1/2022 5/12/2024
21-HRD-RFP-566 Medicare Comprehensive Medical and Prescription Drug Services 21-HRD-RFP-566 21-HRD-RFP-566 The Jellyvision Lab Inc.,
11/5/2021 12/31/2024
23-DES-ITB-164 Traffic Signal & ITS Equipment 23-DES-ITB-164b 23-DES-ITB-164 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
12/1/2022 11/30/2023
23-DES-ITB-164 Traffic Signal & ITS Equipment 23-DES-ITB-164a xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
12/1/2022 11/30/2023
23-DES-ITB-164c Traffic Signal & ITS Equipment 23-DES-ITB-164c 23-DES-ITB-164 MOBOTREX
12/1/2022 11/30/2023
23-DES-R-468 Facilities MRO Industrial Building Supplies 23-DES-R-468 W. W. Grainger, Inc.
1/26/2023 11/8/2024
3D Crime Scene Scanner 23-POL-SS-481 SS FARO Technologies, Inc.
5/29/2023 5/28/2026
A Comprehensive Review of Arlington County’s Cost and Fee Structure for County Development Services 22-DMF-RFP-538 22-DMF-RFP-538 MGT of America Consulting, LLC
5/4/2022 6/30/2024
A&E Design of Courthouse Plaza Interior Renovations 17-169-RFP RFP Architecture, Inc.
7/2/2018 11/30/2023
A/V and State Technical Equipment and Services 20-089-R R TSC
7/1/2020 6/30/2024
AAA Money Management Services 22-DHS-RFP-319 22-DHS-RFP-319 SilverBills
12/1/2021 11/30/2023
ABACUS CORPORATION 23-DHS-R-635 5/16/2023 4/30/2024
ACME Auto Leasing, LLC 22-POL-R-565 R 1/26/2022 4/1/2024
Actuarial_Professional Services 23-HRD-RFP-153 RFP 7/1/2022 6/30/2024
Adult Nursing Home Care 22-DHS-EP-727 EP xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
7/1/2022 6/30/2024
Advanced Cleaning, Inspections, Repair & Alteration 17-003-ITB-LW ITB Maryland Fire Equipment Corp
9/22/2016 9/1/2024
Advertising Services 20-773-EP EP CVENT, Inc.
6/30/2020 6/30/2024
Aerial Bucket Trucks and Cranes Inspections and Repairs 22-DES-ITB-575 ITB VERSALIFT SOUTHEAST
7/21/2022 7/20/2024
Aftermarket Auto Parts 23-DES-R-435 R xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
1/11/2023 12/31/2023
Aftermarket Auto Parts Medium Heavy Duty 22-DES-R-590c R Heavy Fleet Products
1/27/2022 12/31/2023
Aggregates Stone, Gravel and Sand 23-DES-ITB-355 23-DES-ITB-355 ReAgg LLC
3/14/2023 3/13/2024
Allison Transmissions and Detroit Diesel Engines 20-148-ITB ITB Johnson Truck Center
Johnson Truck Center
Johnson Truck Center
6/17/2020 6/30/2024
ALS Group USA Corp 19-205-ITB ITB 4/1/2019 4/1/2024
ALTA IT Services 16-311-RFPLW-4 RFP 12/9/2019 12/8/2024
Ambulance Billing 20-071-RFP RFP DIGITECH COMPUTER LLC
5/7/2020 4/30/2024
AMBULANCE RESTOCKING 21-FIR-SS-259 SS Virginia Hospital Center Arlington Health System
11/1/2020 10/31/2023
Ambulatory Crisis Stabilization Services 19-128-RFP-LW RFP National Counseling Group, Inc.
9/10/2019 9/9/2024
American Sign Language & Document Translation Services 18-162-6-ITB ITB CAL INTERPRETING & TRANSLATIONS, INC.
2/15/2019 6/30/2024
Amniocentesis & Genetic Counseling 22-DHS-EP-189 EP Genetics & IVF Institute
2/25/2022 2/28/2024
Animal Welfare League of Arlington 21-DHS-SS-577 SS 5/26/2021 6/30/2024
Annual maintenance Support and Hosting for VSI P&R software 21-DPR-SLA-679 SLA RecTrac, LLC dba Vermont Systems
6/1/2021 6/30/2024
Annual Senseware Subscription and Support Services 23-DES-SLA-325 SLA xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
10/15/2022 10/14/2023
Annual Software Support Services for CodePal Software 22-FIR-SS-477 SS Sybatech DBA CodePal
1/15/2022 1/14/2024
12/1/2020 11/30/2023
Aramark Correctional Services, LLC 20-153-RFPLW 20-153-RFPLW Aramark Correctional Services, LLC
4/15/2021 4/14/2024
Architectural/Engineering (A/E) Multi-disciplinary Services 22-DES-RFP-19 22-DES-RFP-19 ADTEK Engineers, Inc.
Architecture, Inc.
Bowman Consulting Group, Ltd.
Cox Graae + Spack Architects
Dewberry Architects Inc.
Global Engineering Solutions
Hughes Group Architects
Moseley Architects
MTFA Architecture PLLC
RRMM Architects
Samaha Associates, PC
Whitman Requardt & Associates, LLP
Woods Peacock Engineering Consultants, Inc.
7/1/2022 6/30/2024
Arlington Art Truck 21-AED-EP-301 EP Laure Drogoul
7/30/2021 11/30/2023
Arlington Art Truck - Fences 23-AED-EP-386 EP xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
12/30/2022 12/31/2023
Arlington Art Truck - Heloisa Escudero 23-AED-SFA-318 SFA xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
9/21/2022 12/31/2023
Arlington County Child Care Renovation 23-DES-ITBPW-415 23-DES-ITBPW-415 Landivar & Associates, LLC
1/3/2023 4/30/2024
Arlington County Detention Facility (ACDF) Laundry Services 22-SRF-ITB-313-LW ITB Aramark Correctional Services, LLC
10/1/2021 9/30/2024
Arlington County Parking Garages Operations ad Maintenance Services 22-DES-RFPLW-537 22-DES-RFPLW-537 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
2/23/2023 1/15/2024
Arlington School Board, Operating as Arlington Public Schools, On Behalf of the Arlington Education and Employment Program 22-DHS-EP-20 Exempt ARLINGTON SCHOOL BOARD, OPERATING AS ARLINGTON PUBLIC SCHOOLS, ON BEHALF OF THE ARLINGTON EDUCATION AND EMPLOYMENT PROGRAM
7/1/2021 6/30/2024
ArlingtonWeaves, Etc 17-075-RFP-LW 17-075-RFP ServiceSource
3/1/2017 2/29/2024
Armed Security Services 20-084-R R SOS Intermediate Holding, LLC dba Allied Universal Security Services
12/17/2019 4/7/2025
Art Materials 23-DPR-R-294 R Blick Art Materials LLC
7/13/2022 5/31/2024
ART Operations, Maintenance Facility 20-DES-RFP-031 20-031-RFP STANTEC
Stantec Consulting Services Inc.
9/22/2020 6/25/2024
Asphalt Paving, Milling and Utility Adjustment Services 21-DES-ITB-618b 21-DES-ITB-618 Espina Paving, Inc
5/15/2021 12/31/2023
Asphalt Paving, Milling and Utility Adjustment Services - North 21-DES-ITB-618a 21-DES-ITB-618 Finley Asphalt & Sealing
5/15/2021 12/31/2023
Assisted Living and Meal Subsidies 23-DHS-EP-161 EP CULPEPER GARDEN III ASSISTED LIVING
7/1/2022 6/30/2024
Assisted Living Facility 23-DHS-EP-378 EP Pathway Homes, Inc.
10/1/2022 9/30/2023
Assisted Living Facility Service in a Non- Medical Residential Setting 23-DHS-EP-162 EP xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
7/1/2022 6/30/2024
Assisted Living Services for RAFT Clients 20-964-EP EP HCP Sterling VA OpCo, LLC c/o Atria Senior Living- Assisted Living Services for RAFT Clients
7/1/2021 6/30/2024
Athletic Infield Mix 19-242-R R Luck Stone Corporation
4/3/2019 1/31/2024
Athletic Surfaces 20-259-R-1 Rider Shaw Sports Turf
5/22/2020 2/28/2024
Athletic Surfaces 20-259-R-2 Rider FieldTurf USA, Inc.
5/22/2020 2/28/2024
Athletic, Physical Education Supplies, and Team Uniforms 22-DPR-R-415 R BSN Sports & US Games
9/30/2021 9/30/2024
Atlantic Emergency Solutions 19-287-R R 6/27/2019 4/10/2025
Auctioneer Services 20-142-ITB ITB Capital Auto and Truck Auction, Inc. - Auctioneer Services
2/1/2020 1/31/2024
Audio Video/Visual Products and Related Services 22-DTS-R-346 R Lee Hartman & Sons
7/29/2021 7/6/2024
Audio Visual Products, Services and Maintenance 23-CMO-R-591 R xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
4/3/2023 6/30/2024
12/21/2021 11/30/2024
Automatic Passenger Counter System Upgrade 23-DES-SLA-597 SLA Urban Transportation Associates Inc
7/12/2023 6/30/2024
Automotive Glass Replacement and Repair 20-032-ITB ITB Allstate Auto Glass Inc.
11/5/2019 11/30/2023
Avid Systems - IT Staff Augmentation 16-311-RFPLW-10 RFP Avid Systems - IT Staff Augmentation
10/10/2019 11/8/2024
Axon Enterprise - Taser Weapons, Accessories, Training, and Trade-In 20-000-SS SS Axon Enterprise, Inc.
8/28/2019 8/31/2024
Axon Enterprise, Inc. - Public Safety Video Surveillance Solutions 21-POL-R-293 R Axon Enterprise, Inc.
9/27/2020 2/21/2024
B&H - Audio Visual Equipment, Accessories and Services 21-CMO-R-569 Rider B & H Foto & Electronics Corp.
4/1/2021 3/31/2024
Ballistic Vest for ACPD, SHF, and Fire Marshall 24-POL-R-302 R xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
7/25/2023 4/14/2024
Batteries 21-DES-ITB-228 ITB Parts Authority Southern, LLC
10/21/2020 10/20/2023
Bed Bug Mitigation, Heavy Cleaning, Dehoarding 20-139-ITB-SP ITB 3/11/2020 3/31/2024
Bentley Systems, Inc. - Traffic Modeling Software 20-811-SS Sole Source Bentley Systems, Inc. - Traffic Modeling Software
2/14/2020 2/13/2024
Biodiesel 23-DES-R-610 R Mansfield Oil Company of Gainesville, Inc.
5/24/2023 2/10/2027
Bioethical Consulting Services of Virginia, Inc. 22-DHS-R-571 R Bioethical Consulting Services of Virginia, Inc.
1/1/2022 12/31/2023
Biohazard waste removal 21-FIR-ITB-469 ITB Environmental Management Services, Inc.
2/1/2021 1/31/2024
Bobcat Company 23-DPR-R-561 R 3/26/2023 2/27/2024
Boland Maintenance Services 22-DES-SLALW-608 SLA Boland Trane Services
2/4/2022 1/31/2024
Bookflix Software Licenses 22-LIB-SLA-627 SLA Scholastic, Inc.
8/31/2022 8/30/2024
Bottled Water 22-JDRC-R-348 R Nestle Waters North America, Inc.
8/2/2021 5/31/2024
Bozman Lobby Atrium Renovation 21-DES-ITB-648 21-DES-ITB-648 Cooper Building Services, LLC
8/2/2021 9/30/2023
Bozman Public Art - Kipp Kobayashi 23-AED-EP-334 EP 11/21/2022 12/31/2023
BROADBAND SERVICES 22-DTS-R-729 R 7/1/2022 6/30/2024
Broadband Study 22-CPHD-RFP-500 22-CPHD-RFP-500 Televate, LLC
4/12/2022 11/30/2023
Brokerage Sponsorship for Capital Bikeshare Program 20-081 RFP The Superlative Group, Inc.
7/31/2020 4/13/2025
Bulk Automotive Fluids 22-DES-ITB-578 Pugh Lubricants
6/8/2022 6/7/2024
Bulk Sodium Bisulfite 20-163-R R SOUTHERN IONICS, INC
2/1/2020 1/31/2025
ByWater Solutions 22-LIB-SLA-319 ByWater Solutions, LLC
ByWater Solutions, LLC
1/13/2022 1/12/2025
CAD Consulting, Assessment and Implementation Services 18-220-RFP RFP Deltawrx, LLC
5/16/2019 10/31/2023
CAD Public Sector Safety software maintenance support 22-OEM-SLA-728 CentralSquare
12/15/2022 10/23/2023
Call Accounting Services 16-309-RFP RFP Telesoft, LLC
8/4/2017 3/31/2024
Capital Bikeshare Bikes 19-187-R R Lyft Bikes and Scooters, LLC
11/21/2019 10/31/2023
Capital Bikeshare Operations and Maintenance Services 21-DES-RFP-217 RFP Lyft Bikes and Scooters, LLC
8/16/2021 8/15/2024
Capital Bikeshare Sponsorship 20-081-RFP RFP The Superlative Group, Inc.
4/14/2020 4/14/2025
Capital Bikeshare Stations & Startup Equipment 19-188-R R 8D TECHNOLOGIES ULC
11/21/2019 10/31/2023
Car Sharing 18-035-ITB-1 18-035-ITB 6/14/2022 6/13/2024
Caron East, Inc. 20-841-SS Sole Source Caron East, Inc.
5/15/2020 5/14/2025
Carrington Consulting, LLlC 21-HRD-RFP-479-6 RFP Carrington Consulting
1/1/2022 12/31/2023
CATAPULT SYSTEMS, LLC 23-DTS-R-530 2/28/2023 12/31/2023
4/27/2021 4/30/2024
Center for Transporation Studies - Training Programs 23-DES-AG-572 AG xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
3/17/2023 3/16/2024
9/5/2023 6/30/2025
Chemical Treatment and Prevention of Root Damage 21-DES-ITB-560 21-DES-ITB-560 Duke's Root Control, Inc.
3/29/2021 3/28/2024
Chris Combs - Arlington Art Truck 23-AED-EP-333 EP 12/2/2022 12/31/2023
Cisco Network Products and Services 697-14 R xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
7/16/2014 12/31/2023
Clever Devices ITS Annual Server Hosting Support Services 22-DES-SLA-749 SLA xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
4/1/2022 3/31/2024
Closed Circuit Television Camera System 21-DES-ITB-633 21-DES-ITB-633 Traffic Systems, LLC
7/26/2021 7/25/2024
Cloud Solutions 21-DTS-R-592 R Carahsoft Technology Corporation
3/25/2021 9/15/2026
CMAR Services for ART Operations and Maintenance Facility 21-DES-RFP-239 21-DES-RFP-239 Turner Construction
2/20/2021 8/1/2024
Cold Mix Asphalt 23-DES-ITB-607 23-DES-ITB-607 ReAgg LLC
5/1/2023 4/30/2024
Columbia Pike Multi-Modal Construction Management Services 22-DES-RFP-387 22-DES-RFP-387 Rummel, Klepper & Kahl, LLP
6/1/2022 5/31/2024
Columbia Pike transit Station Construction 19-265-9 Sagres Construction Corporation
Sagres Construction Corporation
Sagres Construction Corporation
8/12/2019 12/31/2023
Commercial Information Technology Equipment, Software and Services 20-211-R R EC America, Inc.
4/7/2020 6/26/2027
Commercial Kitchen Equipment 24-DES-R-271 R Cook's Direct, Inc.
8/1/2023 8/3/2026
Commercial Systems Testing and Support Solution 23-FIR-RFP-304a 23-FIR-RFP-304 BRYCER LLC
6/21/2023 6/30/2024
Commissary Services 23-SRF-R-508 R xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
3/17/2023 12/31/2023
Community Integration Center 18-096-RFP-LW 18-096-RFP-LW ServiceSource
ServiceSource Inc
6/1/2018 11/30/2023
Community-based & Program-integrated Mental Health Skill- Building Services 21-DHS-RFPLW-386b RFPLW Pathway Homes, Inc.
Pathway Homes, Inc.
7/1/2021 6/30/2024
Community-Based Mental Health Skill-Building Services 21-DHS-RFPLW-386a RFPLW Community Residences, Inc. dba CRi
Community Residences, Inc. dba CRi
7/1/2021 6/30/2024
Community-Driven Strategic Plan 24-FIR-SS-216 Center for Public Safety Excellence, Inc.
9/1/2023 2/16/2024
Compact Construction Equipment 24-DPR-R-299 R xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
8/31/2023 5/31/2024
Comprehensive Agreement and Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) 24-DES-PPEA-342 PPEA 8/4/2023 12/9/2024
Computer Hardware & Maintenance 20-098-R-CDWG R CDW Government LLC
8/22/2019 8/21/2024
Computer Hardware and Maintenance 20-095-R R Daly Computers
8/21/2019 8/22/2024
Computer Hardware, Personal Computer Devices, Peripherals, and Servers 20-094-R R 6/2/2020 8/21/2024
Computer Hardware, Personal Computer Devices, Peripherals, and Servers 20-096-R R Dell Marketing L P
6/2/2020 8/21/2024
Conceptual Design and Environmental /NEPA Documentation Consultant Services 20-239-7-8 RFP Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc.
4/6/2021 5/26/2025
Concrete and Joint Repair Contract 22-DES-R-677 RIDER Eastern Waterproofing & Restoration of Virginia LLC
4/5/2022 1/19/2024
Concrete Ready Mix 19-224-ITB ITB Vulcan Construction Materials, LLC -
5/1/2020 4/30/2024
Consignment Fuel and Fuel Card Services 23-DES-R-299 R xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
12/22/2022 4/5/2026
Const., Maint., & Repair of Fiber-optic Network 18-227-ITB-2 18-227-ITB N to N Fiber, Inc.
1/7/2019 1/6/2024
Construction inspection, monitoring and testing services 23-DES-RFP-410a 23-DES-RFP-410 Hillis-carnes Engineering Associates
5/4/2023 5/3/2024
Construction inspection, monitoring and testing services 23-DES-RFP-410b xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
5/4/2023 5/3/2024
Construction services for 12TH floor Interior renovation of the Arlington County Courthouse 23-DES-ITBPW-448 23-DES-ITBPW-448 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
3/6/2023 1/31/2024
Construction Services for Northwest Arlington Signal Upgrades 22-DES-ITB-474 22-DES-ITB-474 Ardent Company, LLC
3/30/2022 2/2/2024
Construction services for the Traffic Engineering & Operation Interior renovation 23-DES-ITBPW-361 23-DES-ITBPW-361 Step 1 Enterprises, LLC
3/6/2023 10/31/2023
Construction/Project Management 21-DES-RFP-191c 21-DES-RFP-191c McKissack & McKissack of Washington, Inc.
10/1/2021 9/30/2023
Construction/Project Management - Gannett Fleming 21-DES-RFP-191b 21-DES-RFP-191b Gannett Fleming, Inc
Gannett Fleming, Inc.
Gannett Fleming, Inc.
10/1/2021 9/30/2023
Construction/Project Management Services 21-DES-RFP-191a 21-DES-RFP-191a AECOM
AECOM Technical Services, Inc.
AECOM Technical Services, Inc.
AECOM Technical Services, Inc.
Shimmick Construciton, an AECOM company
10/1/2021 9/30/2023
Consulting Services 23-DMF-R-298 Rider PFM Group Consulting LLC (“Contractor”), an affiliate of PFM Financial Advisors LLC
7/28/2022 5/31/2024
Consulting services for Water and Sewer Rate Study 17-179-RFP RFP Raftelis Financial Consultants
1/16/2019 1/15/2024
Consulting services to help implement a recovery-oriented system of care 22-DHS-SFA-668 Standard Form Agreement Achara Consulting
3/31/2022 3/30/2024
Continuum of Care Services 21-DHS-RFP-221 RFP Housing Innovations LLC
2/9/2021 2/8/2024
Cooperative Purchase of Road Deicing Salt 22-DES-ITB-563a Montgomery County IFB #1134601 Morton Salt, Inc.
1/13/2022 12/31/2023
Cost Estimating Services 23-DES-RFP-183 RFP Construction Consultants, Inc.
1/6/2023 12/31/2024
COTS Software 21-DTS-R-364 R Daly Computers
9/17/2020 12/31/2024
8/14/2019 12/31/2024
COTS Software - CDWG VA-180917 21-DTS-R-365 R CDW GOVERNMENT LLC
9/17/2020 12/31/2024
Countrywide Training 21-HRD-RFP-479-14 RFP Paragone Solutions Inc.
1/1/2022 12/31/2023
County of Fairfax, VA-irginia - Glass and Grit Disposal and Recycling Services 21-DES-AG-296 Agency to Agency 7/1/2020 6/30/2024
Countywide Training 21-HRD-RFP-479-19 Zelos, LLC
1/1/2022 12/31/2023
Countywide Training 21-HRD-RFP-479-4 RFP California Creative Solutions, Inc.
1/1/2022 12/31/2023
Countywide Training 21-HRD-RFP-479-7 RFP Catoctin Consulting, LLC
1/1/2022 12/31/2023
Countywide Training 21-HRD-RFP-479-11 RFP Lynnette Yount Associates, Inc
1/1/2022 12/31/2023
Countywide Training 21-HRD-RFP-479-16 RFP LeRoy Thompson & Associates
1/1/2022 12/31/2023
Countywide Training 21-HRD-RFP-479-17 RFP Thomas Management Consulting (TMC)
1/1/2022 6/30/2191
Countywide Training 21-HRD-RFP-479-23 RFP Second Wave Learning LLC
1/1/2022 12/31/2023
Countywide Training 21-HRD-RFP-479-28 RFP Dakota 3 Consulting Firm, Inc.
1/1/2022 12/31/2023
Countywide Training 21-HRD-RFP-479-2 RFP BCC Consulting, LLC
1/1/2022 12/31/2023
Countywide Training 21-HRD-RFP-479-8 RFP Christine M. Wahl Consulting LLC
1/1/2022 12/31/2023
Countywide Training 21-HRD-RFP-479-24 RFP Steele Strategies, LLC
1/1/2022 12/31/2023
Countywide Training 21-HRD-RFP-479-20 21-HRD-RFP-479-20 1/1/2022 12/31/2023
Countywide Training 21-HRD-RFP-479-17 Thomas Management Consulting (TMC)
1/1/2023 12/31/2023
Countywide Training 21-HRD-RFP-479-18 RFP True Purpose Leadership
1/1/2022 12/31/2023
Countywide Training 21-HRD-RFP-479-12 RFP Moran Consulting, Inc.
1/1/2022 12/31/2023
Countywide Training 21-HRD-RFP-479-22 RFP Rice Education Consulting, LLC
Rice Education Consulting, LLC
1/1/2022 12/31/2023
Countywide Training 21-HRD-RFP-479-25 RFP Vessence Corporation
1/1/2022 12/31/2023
Countywide Training 21-HRD-RFP-479-3 RFP Bonnie Y. Holloway, Executive Coach & Consultant
1/1/2022 12/31/2023
Countywide Training 21-HRD-RFP-479-3 RFP Bonnie Y. Holloway, Executive Coach & Consultant
1/1/2022 12/31/2023
Countywide Training 21-HRD-RFP-479-27 RFP Otto Kroeger Associates LLC
1/1/2022 12/31/2023
Countywide Training 21-HRD-RFP-479-5 RFP Careerstone Group LLC
1/1/2022 12/31/2023
Countywide Training 21-HRD-RFP-479-1 RFP Appleby & Associates LLC
1/1/2022 12/31/2023
Countywide Training 21-HRD-RFP-479-13 RFP OfficePro, Inc
1/1/2022 12/31/2023
Countywide Training 21-HRD-RFP-479-26 RFP Challenging Racism
1/1/2022 12/31/2023
Court Reporting Services 22-CCT-ITB-174 22-CCT-ITB-174 Neal R Gross and Company, Inc.
8/2/2021 7/31/2024
Courtroom 10B ADA and technology renovation project 22-DES-ITBPW-694 22-DES-ITBPW-694 Sorensen Gross Company LLC
8/1/2022 11/21/2023
Crime Scene Evidence Supplies 19-005-ITB-1 ITB Sirchie Acquisition Company, LLC
7/1/2020 6/30/2024
Criminal Case Management Software Services 20-263-SLA SLA Criminal Case Management Software Services
5/15/2020 5/31/2024
Criminal Justice Records Management System 728-12 Exempt Tyler Technologies
2/9/2014 12/29/2023
Cummins Parts and Repair Services 22-DES-SS-687 SS xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
10/26/2022 4/30/2025
Custodial Services 21-DES-ITBLW-373 21-DES-ITBLW-373 L.T. Services, Inc.
L.T. Services, Inc.
1/1/2021 12/31/2023
Custody and Security Officer Services 20-709-EP EP Virginia Hospital Center Arlington Health System
8/12/2019 6/30/2024
Customer Services/Case Management Cots 507-12 507-12-RFP Social Solutions Global
4/17/2012 4/17/2024
Customized Leaf Bags 19-301-ITB ITB Dano Enterprises, Inc.
12/4/2019 11/30/2024
Daly Technology Products, Services and Solutions 22-DTS-R-409 Rider Daly Computers
9/13/2021 12/31/2025
Dana Safety Supply, Inc. 22-DES-R-680 Rider Dana Safety Supply, Inc.
11/18/2021 3/23/2024
Day Support 21-DHS-RFP-598g 21-DHS-RFP-598 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
7/1/2022 6/30/2024
Debt Collection Services 23-LIB-SS-532 SS xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
4/1/2023 3/31/2024
Deferred Compensation Plan 16-003-RFP RFP Voya Retirement Insurance and Annuity Company, Inc.
7/29/2016 6/30/2026
Deionized Water System Maintenance Parts & Repair 20-183-ITB ITB VIRGINIA WATER SYSTEM
3/13/2020 3/31/2024
Demco Library Supplies 22-LIB-R-329 R Demco, Inc.
7/1/2021 6/30/2024
Demolition of Warehouse at 4700 S Nelson 23-DES-ITBPW-417 23-DES-ITBPW-417 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
1/3/2023 3/31/2024
Design and Construction of a New East Entrance to the Crystal City Metrorail Station 21-DES-PPEA-279 PPEA CESC SQUARE, L.L.C., a subsidiary of JBG SMITH Properties LP
7/22/2020 4/8/2026
DES-Residential Refuse Collection 560-15 American Disposal Services, Inc.
7/1/2015 6/30/2024
Destination Marketing and Communication Services 23-AED-RFP-441 23-AED-RFP-441 Fuseideas
4/24/2023 4/23/2024
DestinationData Dashboard Subscription 23-AED-SS-648 SS Key Data Dashboard, Inc
5/18/2023 6/30/2024
Detection and Sensing Equipment 22-DES-ITB-504b 22-DES-ITB-504 MOBOTREX
MoboTrex, Inc.
2/22/2022 2/21/2024
Detection and Sensing Equipment 22-DES-ITB-504a 22-DES-ITB-504 Econolite Control Products Inc.
2/22/2022 2/21/2024
Detection and Sensing Equipment and Technical Support 23-DES-ITB-3a 23-DES-ITB-3 Wavetronix LLC
7/1/2022 6/30/2024
Detection and Sensing Equipment and Technical Support 23-DES-ITB-3b 23-DES-ITB-3 Econolite Control Products Inc.
7/1/2022 6/30/2024
Developmental Disabilities Residential Services 22-DHS-EP-259 Exempt Purchase Community Residences, Inc. dba CRi
7/1/2021 6/30/2024
Developmental Disabilities Residential Services 22-DHS-EP-169 Exempt Purchase Community Systems, Inc.
7/1/2021 6/30/2024
Developmental Disabilities Residential Services 22-DHS-EP-252 Exempt Purchase Community Living Alternatives Corporation
7/1/2021 6/30/2024
Developmental Disabilities Residential Services 22-DHS-EP-21 EP Sunrise Community of Virginia, Inc.
7/1/2021 6/30/2024
Developmental Disabilities Residential Services 22-DHS-EP-22 Exempt Purchase Job Discovery Inc
7/1/2021 6/30/2024
Developmental Disabilities Residential Services 22-DHS-EP-23 Exempt Purchase Volunteers of America, Inc.
7/1/2021 6/30/2024
Dewatering Polymer 19-294-ITB ITB Polydyne Inc.
7/31/2020 10/24/2024
Diamond Transportation Service, Inc. 603-13-2 RFP Diamond Transportation Service, Inc.
6/23/2015 5/31/2024
10/23/2020 8/26/2025
Disparity Study 23-DMF-RFP-275 23-DMF-RFP-275 MGT of America Consulting, LLC
5/5/2023 5/31/2024
Document Translation Services 18-162-7-ITB ITB Fox Medical Case Management - Document Translation Services
2/15/2019 6/30/2024
Donaldson Run Headwaters Stabilization 23-DES-ITBPW-483 23-DES-ITBPW-483 Sagres Construction Corporation
3/30/2023 2/28/2024
Donaldson Tributary Stream Restoration 21-DES-ITB-387 ITB Old Line Construction, Inc
Old Line Construction, Inc
6/21/2021 6/10/2027
DPF OEM Parts & Service 22-DES-R-585 R DPF Services LLC
1/31/2022 6/30/2024
DTS - Parking Enforcement System (including maintenance and software) 674-15 RFP Conduent State & Local Solutions, Inc.
1/1/2016 12/31/2023
E Coli Testing Supplies 22-DES-SLA-717 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
8/16/2022 8/15/2024
1/1/2023 12/31/2023
Early Head start Child Development Services 22-DHS-EP-13 Exempt Purchase Northern Virginia Family Service, Inc.
Northern Virginia Family Services, Inc.
5/15/2021 5/14/2024
Early Intervention Services 17-014-7-RFP RFP Better Speech Associates
12/28/2016 12/31/2023
Early Intervention Services 17-014-3-RFP RFP A.W. Holdings, LLC dba Benchmark Human Services
12/28/2016 12/31/2023
Early Intervention Services 17-014-6-RFP RFP TheraPeds
12/28/2016 12/31/2023
Early Intervention Services 17-014-2-RFP RFP Spectrum Pediatrics, LLC
12/28/2020 12/31/2023
Early Intervention Services 17-014-5-RFP RFP Premier Pediatric Therapy Source, Inc.
12/28/2016 12/31/2023
EBSCO Library Materials 22-LIB-R-330 R EBSCO Information Services
7/1/2021 6/30/2024
e-Builder SaaS Services 22-DES-SLA-718 eBuilder
5/1/2022 4/30/2024
8/1/2022 7/31/2024
Educational Software Services 22-LIB-R-619 R CARAHSOFT TECHNOLOGIES
3/28/2022 3/30/2024
Electric Vehicle Chargers 22-DES-R-6 R National Car Charging LLC
5/12/2021 10/31/2025
Electrical Maintenance and Repair Work 21-DES-ITB-177-1 ITB Lighting Maintenance Inc.
11/1/2020 10/31/2023
Electrical Maintenance and Repair Work 21-DES-ITB-177-2 ITB L&M Electric And Plumbing, LLC
11/1/2020 10/31/2023
Electronic Agenda Management System 22-DTS-RFP-602 22-DTS-RFP-602 Versivo
5/17/2023 5/16/2024
Electronic Card Readers Maintenance & Operations 23-AED-SLA-320 SLA Kastle Systems, LLC
9/1/2022 8/30/2024
Electronic Commerce & Subscription SVCS 19-231-R R Equinix LLC
6/9/2019 6/10/2024
Electronic Health Record System 17-165-RFP RFP Welligent, Inc.
12/7/2017 12/31/2023
Electronic Records Management System 17-049-RFP RFP Versivo
1/17/2017 10/31/2023
Electronic Security 18-010-ITB M.C. Dean Inc.
9/7/2017 8/31/2024
Elevate USA Inc. 21-HRD-RFP-479-9 RFP Elevate USA Inc
1/1/2022 12/31/2023
Elevator and Escalator Maintenance and Repair Services 19-223-R R Kone, Inc.
3/28/2019 11/30/2024
Elevator Construction Management Services 20-123-9-6-RFP RFP Pentagon City 2nd Elevator Construction Management Services
8/18/2020 10/31/2023
Elevator Inspection and Plan Review Services 19-090-R R Bureau Veritas National Elevator Inspection Services, Inc.
7/31/2020 11/30/2023
ELEVATOR INSPECTION AND PLAN REVIEW SERVICES 23-CPHD-RFP-362 23-CPHD-RFP-362 Bureau Veritas National Elevator Inspection Services, Inc.
10/2/2023 9/30/2024
Elevator services, repair, maintenance, inspection, testing, parts, and modernization. 23-DES-R-317 OTIS
9/20/2022 9/30/2029
Emergency Food Assistance 22-DHS-EP-12 Exempt Purchase Arlington Food Assistance Center
7/1/2021 6/30/2024
Emergency Generator and Transfer Pump Maintenance Services 21-DES-ITB-643-LW ITB Wesmart Inc.
8/1/2021 7/31/2024
Emergency Management Consulting Services 23-OEM-R-623 Rider xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
4/24/2023 2/5/2025
Emergency Management Staff Aug 22-OEM-R-361 R TETRA TECH, INC.
8/31/2021 12/31/2023
Employee Benefits & Consulting Services 20-054-R Rider Aon Consulting
12/19/2019 5/31/2024
Employee-Pre-Tax-Flexible-Spending-Account-and-Commuter-Parking-Program 20-051-RFP RFP WEX
7/1/2020 6/30/2024
Employment Readiness Program 23-DHS-RFPLW-449 23-DHS-RFPLW-449 ServiceSource
9/1/2023 8/31/2024
Energy Analysis & Policy Consulting 17-013-RFP-5 RFP WSP USA
3/12/2018 12/30/2023
Energy Services contract 23-DES-RFP-230 23-DES-RFP-230 AECOM Technical Services, Inc.
Blue Whale EV, LLC.
BrightSuite by Dominion Energy
Buro Happold Consulting Engineers, PC
DLR Group
Eastern Research Group, Inc.
Greenlink Analytics
ICF Incorporated LLC
Stantec Consulting Services Inc.
Sustainable Real Estate Solutions, Inc.
The Cadmus Group LLC
Vermont Energy Investment Corporation
7/28/2023 6/30/2024
Engineering Services 17-084-RFP-9 17-084-RFP Kittelson & Associates, Inc.
8/1/2020 7/31/2024
Engineering Services 17-084-RFP-8 17-084-RFP Kimley-Horn
8/1/2020 7/31/2024
Engineering Services 21-DPR-RFP-315 21-DPR-RFP-315 A MORTON THOMAS & ASSOCIATES, INC.
10/1/2021 9/30/2024
Engineering Services 17-084-RFP-6 17-084-RFP CDM Smith
8/1/2020 7/31/2024
Engineering Services 17-084-RFP-7 17-084-RFP STV Incorporated
8/1/2020 7/31/2024
Engineering Services 17-084-RFP-5 17-084-RFP Dewberry Architects Inc.
8/1/2020 7/31/2024
Engineering Services 17-084-RFP-3 17-084-RFP Hazen and Sawyer
8/1/2020 7/31/2024
Engineering Services 17-084-RFP-4 17-084-RFP Wetlands Studies and Solutions, Inc.
8/1/2020 7/31/2024
Engineering Services 17-084-RFP-11 17-084-RFP Langan
8/1/2020 7/31/2024
Engineering Services 17-084-RFP-2 17-084-RFP Rinker Design Associates
8/1/2020 7/31/2024
Engineering Services 17-084-RFP-1 17-084-RFP Volkert, Inc.
8/1/2020 7/31/2024
eNotary Serices 20-252-SLA SLA JotForm, Inc.
4/27/2020 4/26/2024
Enterprise Payment Solution 21-DTS-RFP-580 21-DTS-RFP-580 JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.
5/9/2022 5/8/2024
Environmental Abatement Services 19-110-ITB-LW-1 ITB Waco, Inc.
1/3/2019 1/31/2024
Environmental Abatement Services 19-110-ITB-LW-2 ITB Goel Services, Inc.
1/3/2019 1/31/2024
Environmental Consulting Services 22-DES-R-646 Rider (Fairfax Contract No. 4400010890) Stearns, Conrad & Schmidt Consulting Engineers, Inc.
3/14/2022 12/31/2023
Environmental Land Surveys 17-272-RFP-LW RFP ECS Mid-Atlantic, LLC
ECS Mid-Atlantic, LLC
ECS Mid-Atlantic, LLC
ECS Mid-Atlantic, LLC
4/10/2019 2/29/2024
Equifax Talx Verification Services 23-DHS-SLA-227 SLA 7/12/2022 7/12/2032
Equipment Rental with Related Services 23-DPR-R-285 R xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
7/1/2022 8/27/2024
ESRI-GIS Software Maintenance 21-DES-SLA-620 (20-843-SS) SLA ESRI-GIS Software Maintenance
4/12/2021 10/11/2023
Ethan Allen generator replacement 23-DES-ITBPW-341 23-DES-ITBPW-341 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
3/3/2023 6/30/2024
E-waste Collection & Disposal 20-187-ITB 20-187-ITB PC Recycler, Inc. dba Securis
PC Recycler, Inc. dba Securis
3/1/2020 2/28/2024
Exercise Equipment 20-068-ITB-2 ITB Life Fitness, LLC
4/3/2020 1/31/2024
Exercise Equipment 20-068-ITB-4 ITB Energ Wellness Solutions, LLC
4/3/2020 1/31/2024
Exercise Equipment 20-068-ITB-1 ITB Heartline Fitness Systems
4/3/2020 1/31/2024
Exercise Equipment 20-068-ITB-3 ITB Johnson Health Tech North America
4/3/2020 1/31/2024
Expansion of Emergency Alerting System 21-OEM-R-272 R Everbridge
8/13/2020 12/31/2023
External Financial Audit Services 23-DMF-RFP-455 23-DMF-RFP-455 CLA
3/17/2023 3/31/2024
Fabrication/Manufacturing Delivery of 23 Transit Stations 18-213-9 Future Systems - Fabrication/Manufacturing Delivery of 23 Transit Stations
6/25/2019 6/18/2025
Facilities and Asset Management Information System 22-DES-R-733 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
11/16/2022 4/30/2024
Fairbanks Morse Parts and Pumps 22-DES-SLA-743 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
9/3/2022 8/31/2024
Fall Protection & Suspended Maintenance Systems 22-DES-ITB-177 ITB Safeguard Industries
7/9/2021 6/30/2024
Fannon Petroleum Services, Inc 21-DES-ITB-280-1 ITB Fannon Petroleum Services Inc.
12/17/2020 12/18/2024
Farmers Market Management Services 22-DPR-RFP-383 RFP FRESHFARM Markets, Inc.
7/1/2022 6/30/2024
FD PPE, Garments, Supplies & Other Related Equipment 16-217-ITB-2 ITB Municipal Emergency Services, Inc. -
8/31/2016 8/1/2024
FD PPE, Garments, Supplies & Other Related Equipment 16-217-ITB-3 ITB Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc
8/31/2016 8/1/2024
FD PPE, Garments, Supplies & Other Related Equipment 16-217-ITB-1 ITB Maryland Fire Equipment Corp
8/31/2016 8/1/2024
FERGUSON WATERWORDKS 19-149-2-ITB ITB 9/6/2019 9/30/2023
Ferric Chloride Grade 2 Liquid 22-DES-R-614 Kemira Water Solutions, Inc.
1/31/2022 1/31/2024
Fiber Management Software 22-DTS-SLA-301 SLA 3-GIS, LLC
8/26/2021 8/25/2024
Fieldbus Hardware and Software 19-138-RFP RFP Rockwell Automation, Inc
11/17/2020 11/16/2023
Financial Advisory Services 21-DMF-RFP-184 21-DMF-RFP-184 PFM Financial Advisors LLC
3/11/2021 3/10/2026
Financial Assistance to Arlington County Residents 22-DHS-EP-8 EP Arlington Thrive, Inc.
7/1/2021 10/31/2023
Financial Fraud Waste and Abuse Hotline 21-DMF-SFA-213 SFA KJAS, Inc. (Ethical Advocate)
8/20/2020 8/19/2024
Fingerprinting Scanning Solutions 23-HRD-R-536 R Fieldprint, Inc
3/15/2023 11/30/2024
Fire Alarm Systems & Fire Suppression 22-DES-ITBLW-570 22-DES-ITBLW-570 M.C. Dean, Inc.
2/1/2022 1/31/2024
Fire Apparatus Preventative Maintenance & Repair 23-DES-R-513 R xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
2/27/2023 1/1/2024
Fire Fighting Apparatus 24-DES-R-334 R xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
9/15/2023 2/10/2026
Fire Prevention and Code Enforcement Software Solution 23-FIR-RFP-304b Locality Media inc.
6/22/2023 6/30/2024
Fire Records Management System & Electronic Patient Care Reporting System 20-753-EP EP Image Trend
2/14/2020 1/1/2024
Fire Sprinkler, Extinguishers, Suppression Systems, Testing, Inspections, Service, Repairs and Replacements 22-DES-ITBLW-296 22-DES-ITBLW-296 JOHNSON CONTROLS FIRE PROTECTION, LP
3/1/2022 1/31/2024
Fire Station & Design Services 18-165-RFP 18-165-RFP FGM Archiects Inc.
3/20/2019 1/16/2024
Fire Station Alerting System Maintenance 243-11 Westnet Inc
10/16/2012 9/30/2025
Fitness Maintenance 20-044-SFA SFA M&E Services, Inc., dba FiltrepairsNVA
7/30/2020 6/30/2024
Flexible Pourus Paving 20-037-ITB ITB Pivot Construction, LLC
11/22/2019 10/31/2024
Milani Construction, LLC
6/26/2023 6/30/2025
For maintenance and repair of Stryker EMS Cots 22-FIR-SLA-490 Stryker Sales Corp
12/22/2021 10/31/2025
Ford Parts & Repair Services 24-DES-ITB-274 24-DES-ITB-274 Malloy Alexandria LLC
8/10/2023 8/31/2024
Freestanding Furniture 21-DES-R-394 R Douron Inc.
10/15/2020 12/31/2023
Furnish & Install Office, Education Classroom & Misc. Furniture 21-DES-R-504 R Knoll, Inc.
12/31/2020 1/5/2025
Furnish alcohol and drug testing services 24-CCT-R-303 Redwood Toxicology Laboratory, Inc.
7/19/2023 2/15/2026
Furnish Furniture, Installation and related service 23-DES-R-579 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
6/20/2023 3/25/2024
Furnish janitorial or custodial related software, applications, or platforms complementary to the purchase of the supplies and products 24-DES-R-290 Sid Tool Co.
7/14/2023 11/16/2024
Furnish School Bus Parts & Service 22-DES-R-572-c Rider Sonny Merryman
3/28/2022 7/1/2024
Furniture, Installation & Related Products 21-DES-R-632 ITB Herman Miller, Inc. - Furniture, Installation & Related Products
5/13/2021 1/1/2025
Gambrills Equipment Company, Incorporated 22-DPR-R-616 Rider xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
2/7/2022 1/13/2024
Gateway Homes, Inc. 22-DHS-EP-11 Exempt Purchase Gateway Homes, Inc.
7/1/2021 6/30/2024
GearGrid 23-DES-R-346 GearGrid
11/16/2022 4/2/2024
General Contractor Services for Spout Run Deep Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation 23-DES-ITBPW-503 23-DES-ITBPW-503 AM-Liner East Inc
AM-Liner East, Inc
AM-LIner East, Inc.
4/22/2023 3/20/2024
General Purpose Commercial Information Technology, Equipment, Software, and Services 20-067-R R Splash Business Intelligence, Inc.
11/7/2019 3/28/2024
Geocortex Software, Licensing, and Maintenance 22-DES-SLA-472 SLA xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
5/6/2022 5/5/2024
Geographic Information Services (GIS) Software 23-DES-SLA-525 Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.
8/24/2023 8/23/2026
Geographic Information System (GIS) Aerial 20-277-SLA Service Level Agreement Pictometry International Corporation
10/27/2020 10/26/2023
Glass Installation, Repair and Replacement 21-DES-ITB-644 RFP Full Service Glass, Inc.
8/1/2021 7/31/2024
Glock pistols, parts, accessories, and trade-ins 19-083-ITB-1 19-083-ITB AmChar Wholesale, Inc.
1/15/2019 2/1/2024
Granicus Communications Cloud Services 19-233-R R Carahsoft Technology Corporation
3/28/2019 12/19/2026
Graybar Electric Company, Inc. 23-DTS-R-504 2/2/2023 2/1/2024
Grounds Maintenance: Equipment, Parts and Repair Services 21-DPR-R-448 R Kohler Equipment
11/9/2020 7/31/2024
Grounds Maintenance: Equipment, Parts and Repair Services 22-DPR-R-615 R xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
2/7/2022 7/31/2024
Group & Virtual Day Support, Group & Individual Supported Employment & Travel Training 21-DHS-RFP-598e 21-DHS-RFP-598 Melwood
12/1/2021 11/30/2023
Group Day Support, Community Engagement, Community Coaching, Group & Individual Supported Employment & Travel Training 21-DHS-RFP-598c 21-DHS-RFP-598 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
12/1/2021 11/30/2023
Group Day Support, Employment and Transportation Services 21-DHS-RFP-598d RFP MVLE, Inc.
12/1/2021 11/30/2023
Group Day Support, Virtual & One-to-One Group Day Support, Group & Individual Supported Employment 21-DHS-RFP-598b RFP ServiceSource
ServiceSource Inc
12/1/2021 11/30/2023
Group Supported Employment and Individual Supported Employment Services 21-DHS-RFP-598f RFP Didlake, Inc.
12/1/2021 11/30/2023
Hach Company, Inc. 21-DES-SLA-640 Hach Company
5/20/2022 5/19/2024
HACH WIMS Software Support 21-DES-SLA-270 SLA Aquatic Informatics Inc.
4/1/2021 3/31/2024
hardware and software support services for the E.J. Fuel-Management Terminals 22-DES-SLA-515 SLA E.J. Ward, Inc.
10/1/2021 9/30/2024
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Parts & Repair Services 20-086-ITB ITB MGB Cycles, LLC
1/21/2020 1/31/2024
Hauling, Delivery of Ground Lime (Quicklime) 24-DES-ITB-191 24-DES-ITB-191 Greer Industries, Inc.
Greer Lime Company
7/11/2023 6/30/2024
Hazardous Materials Testing & Monitoring Services 20-257-ITB ITB JSK Environmental Services, LLC
7/21/2020 7/20/2024
Health & Wellness Performance Program Services 19-165-R R O2X Human Performance
7/31/2020 10/31/2023
Healthcare Services 564-14 RFP Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Mid-Atlantic States, Inc.
7/1/2014 12/30/2024
Healthy Families Program of Northern Virginia 20-860-SS SS Northern Virginia Family Service, Inc.
Northern Virginia Family Services, Inc.
Northern Virginia Family Services, Inc.
1/1/2021 12/31/2023
Heavy Equipment Rental 20-021-ITB-3 ITB Herc Rentals, Inc.
10/15/2019 9/30/2023
Heavy Equipment Rental 20-021-ITB-2 ITB Rock Hard Excavating, Inc.
10/15/2019 9/30/2023
Heavy Equipment Rental 20-021-ITB-1 ITB Washington Air Compressor Rental Co.
10/1/2020 9/30/2023
Heavy Equipment Rental 20-021-ITB-4 ITB Atlantic Machinery - Heavy Equipment Rental
10/15/2019 9/30/2023
Heavy Towing Equipment 19-076-ITB ITB Redman Fleet Services, Inc.
Redman Fleet Services, Inc.
7/31/2020 3/31/2024
Heavy Vehicle Body Repair Services 19-258-ITB ITB Downtown Garage, Inc.
8/1/2020 7/31/2024
Hexagon Geospatial ERDAS Imagine Software 21-DES-SLA-582 Intergraph Corporation
7/1/2021 6/30/2024
Historic Newspaper Subscription 22-LIB-EP-707 EP 3/1/2023 2/28/2024
HIV/AIDS/STI Prevention Education 22-DHS-EP-14 EP NovaSalud, Inc.
7/1/2021 6/30/2024
Home Care Team, Inc. dba The Medical Team Personal Care Services 16-151-RFP-1 16-151-RFP The Medical Team
12/10/2018 1/31/2024
Home Depot U.S.A., Inc. - Maintenance, Repair, Operating Supplies Industrial 20-055-R R 10/21/2019 12/30/2023
Hoses, Fittings, and other MRO Supplies 17-315-R R Applied Industrial Technologies, Inc.
10/30/2017 12/31/2026
Hot Mix Asphalt 20-223-ITB-2 20-223-ITB National Asphalt Mfg. Corp.
7/1/2020 6/30/2024
Hot Mix Asphalt 20-223-ITB-3 ITB Eurovia Atlantic Coast LLC dba Virginia Paving Company
7/1/2020 6/30/2024
Hot Mix Asphalt 20-223-ITB-4 ITB Fort Myer Construction Corp.
Fort Myer Construction Corperation
7/1/2020 6/30/2024
Household Hazardous Waste Services 20-049-ITB 20-049-ITB MXI Environmental Services LLC
11/1/2019 10/31/2023
Housing Quality Inspections 23-CPHD-RFP-350 23-CPHD-RFP-350 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
1/6/2023 1/5/2024
Howard Uniform Company 23-POL-R-653 7/26/2023 2/2/2024
HVAC Maintenance, Repair, and Installation Services 23-DES-ITBLW-523a 23-DES-ITB-523a Nova Facility Solutions, Inc
5/1/2023 4/30/2024
HVAC Maintenance, Repair, and Installation Services 23-DES-ITBLW-523b Brothers Mechanical Services LLC
5/1/2023 4/30/2024
IA Pro and Blue Team Maintenance 20-257-SLA SLA KCI Technologies, Inc.
KCI Technologies, Inc.
5/21/2020 5/31/2024
IBISWorld Database 23-LIB-EP-309 EP IBISWorld, Inc
7/20/2022 7/31/2024
ICATT Professional Services 21-HRD-RFP-479-10 RFP ICATT, Inc.
1/1/2022 12/31/2023
Improvement renovation 15th Floor at 1100 N Glebe Rd (AED Floor) 23-DES-ITBPW-620 23-DES-ITBPW-620 FH Paschen, SN Nielsen & Associates LLC
7/10/2023 5/31/2024
Independence House 20-052-RFP-1-LW RFP National Capital Treatment & Recovery
3/1/2021 2/28/2024
Independent Medical Evaluation Services 23-HRD-SFA-316 SFA Medical Evaluation Specialists, LLC
7/1/2022 6/30/2024
Indirect Cost Allocation Services 23-DMF-R-573 R Maximus US Services
3/21/2023 12/8/2023
Individual Assisted Living 19-748-EP EP TRIBUTE AT ONE LOUDOUN, LLC
7/10/2019 6/30/2024
Individual Assisted Living Facility - SB 21-DHS-EP-672 EP Woods Cove Assisted Living, Inc.
6/15/2021 6/14/2024
Individual Assisted Living Services 19-745-EP EP S H OpCo Arlington, LLC dba Vitality Living Arlington
5/28/2019 5/14/2024
Individual Assisted Living Services 19-755-EP EP Home Eldercare - Individual Assisted Living Services
7/31/2020 6/30/2024
Individual Assisted Living Services 19-723-EP EP Woods Cove Assisted Living, Inc.
Woods Cove Assisted Living, Inc.
4/22/2019 2/8/2024
3/14/2019 3/14/2024
Individual Supported Employment 21-DHS-RFP-598a RFP Best Buddies International, Inc.
12/1/2021 11/30/2023
Information Technology Professional Services 23-DTS-R-649 R xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
6/21/2023 11/4/2027
Information Technology Solutions & Services 21-DTS-R-256 Rider SHI INTERNATIONAL
7/22/2020 2/28/2024
Information Technology Solutions & Services 21-DTS-R-256 Rider SHI INTERNATIONAL
7/22/2020 2/28/2024
In-Home Services for Community Living Program 16-151-RFP-2 16-151-RFP Home Care Partners, Inc
12/10/2018 1/31/2024
Inmate and Detention Supplies, Solutions and Services. 22-SHR-R-650 Rider Bob Barker Co.
4/11/2022 10/4/2023
Inmate Pharmacy Services 23-SRF-R-531 R xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
3/2/2023 8/31/2024
Inmate Telephone System, Video Visitation and Tablet Solution 21-SRF-RFP-444 RFP Securus Technologies, LLC
8/1/2021 7/31/2028
INOVA HEALTH CARE SERVICES 23-POL-R-489 1/1/2023 12/31/2025
Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair of Generator Equipment 22-DES-ITB-347 PowerSecure Service
10/1/2021 9/30/2023
Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair of Stormwater Management Facilities - Vegetated and Permeable Pavement 21-DES-ITBLW-180 ITB Apex Companies, LLC
9/14/2020 9/13/2024
Installation & Repair of Fence, ETC. 20-172-ITB 20-172-ITB Long Fence Company, Inc.
3/31/2020 3/30/2024
3/21/2013 12/31/2023
Installation, Distribution, Technical, and Financial Operations Support 20-828-SS SS 7/31/2020 6/30/2024
Instructional aids, toys, and educational games 22-DPR-R-747 OTC Direct, Inc.
6/30/2022 11/30/2023
Integrated Forestry and Natural Resources Master Plan 19-260-RFP RFP AMERICAN FORESTS
3/25/2020 1/31/2024
Integrated Pest Control (IPM) Services for Facilities and Buildings throughout Arlington County 22-DES-ITBLW-473 22-DES-ITBLW-473 ReeSource Pest, Inc.
4/8/2022 4/30/2024
Intensive Substance Abuse Residential Services 20-039-RFP RFP National Capital Treatment & Recovery
7/1/2020 6/30/2024
Interactive Artwork Arlington Art Truck Project 24-AED-SFA-358 SFA Molly McCracken
12/1/2023 7/31/2024
Interactive Water Features Maintenance Services 23-DPR-ITBLW-548 ITB Mid Atlantic Fountain Design & Mfg Company Inc.
5/2/2023 4/30/2024
Internal Audit Services 23-DMF-RFP-421 23-DMF-RFP-421 RSM US LLP
6/20/2023 6/30/2024
International Trucks Parts & Repair Services 20-033-ITB ITB K. Neal International Trucks, Inc.
1/29/2020 12/31/2023
Investment Research Center 23-LIB-EP-321 EP Morningstar, Inc.
8/1/2022 7/31/2024
IPS Group, Inc. 20-810-SS Sole Source IPS Group
IPS Group
10/23/2020 10/22/2023
Irrigation Maintenance 20-121-ITB ITB BEEM Irrigation, Inc. t/a Montgomery Irrigation
7/31/2020 12/31/2023
IT & Adaptive Cyber Security Services 22-DTS-R-368 R GuidePoint Security, LLC
8/23/2021 9/28/2025
12/7/2021 6/24/2026
IT Hardware & Software 23-DES-R-554 R xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
3/16/2023 11/20/2023
IT Hardware & Software 16-319-R R CDW Government LLC
12/4/2019 12/4/2023
IT Hardware, Software, and Related Services 20-206-R Rider Carahsoft Technology Corporation
3/2/2020 12/4/2023
IT Professional Services 22-DTS-R-304 21-DTS-R-304 ITS Group, Inc.
7/9/2021 5/28/2025
IT Staff Augmenation 16-311-RFPLW-65 RFP Uniplus Consultants, Inc
12/2/2019 12/1/2024
IT Staff Augmentation 16-311-RFPLW-68 RFP vTech Solution Inc.
2/27/2020 2/26/2025
IT Staff Augmentation 16-311-53-RFPLW RFP SPRUCE TECHNOLOGY, INC.
1/21/2020 1/20/2025
IT Staff Augmentation 16-311-RFPLW-62 RFP The Ventura Group, Inc.
11/21/2019 11/20/2024
IT Staff Augmentation 16-311-RFPLW-30 RFP Hosted Records Inc.
12/2/2019 12/1/2024
IT Staff Augmentation 16-311-RFPLW-8 RFP CGI Technologies and Solutions Inc.
12/9/2019 12/9/2024
IT Staff Augmentation 16-311-RFPLW-64 RFP Trigyn Technologies, Inc.
2/27/2020 2/26/2025
IT Staff Augmentation 16-311-RFPLW-9 RFP Advanced Software Systems Inc
12/9/2019 12/8/2024
IT Staff Augmentation 16-311-RFPLW-59 RFP Telnet, Inc
12/21/2019 1/2/2025
IT Staff Augmentation 16-311-RFPLW-66 RFP Vector Technical Resources Inc.
1/12/2020 1/11/2025
IT Staff Augmentation 16-311-RFPLW-36 RFP Mindboard, Inc.
12/2/2019 12/1/2024
IT Staff Augmentation 16-311-RFPLW-27 RFP Elicere
12/19/2019 12/18/2024
IT Staff Augmentation 16-311-RFPLW-20 RFP Cynet Systems Inc.
1/3/2020 1/2/2026
IT Staff Augmentation 16-311-RFPLW-21 RFP Cyquent, Inc.
12/19/2019 12/18/2024
IT Staff Augmentation 16-311-RFPLW-71 RFP WITS SOLUTIONS INC
5/20/2020 5/19/2025
IT Staff Augmentation 16-311-RFPLW-29 RFP GENESYS Consulting Services, Inc.
12/2/2019 12/1/2024
IT Staff Augmentation 16-311-52-RFPLW RFP Software Consortium, LLC
11/22/2019 11/21/2024
IT Staff Augmentation 16-311-RFPLW-72 RFP Worldgate
2/27/2020 2/26/2025
IT Staff Augmentation 16-311-RFPLW-73 RFP Zolon Tech - IT Staff Augmentation
1/29/2020 1/28/2025
IT Staff Augmentation 16-311-RFPLW-34 RFP Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson, Inc.
Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson, Inc.
Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson, Inc.
12/13/2019 12/12/2024
IT Staff Augmentation 16-311-RFPLW-26 RFP Elegant Enterprise-Wide Solutions
12/19/2019 12/18/2024
IT Staff Augmentation 16-311-RFPLW-70 RFP Winbourne Consulting
12/2/2019 12/1/2024
IT Staff Augmentation 16-311-RFPLW-12 RFP Blue Raster LLC
10/10/2019 11/14/2024
IT Staff Augmentation 16-311-RFPLW-1 RFP 22nd Century Technologies, Inc.
12/9/2019 12/8/2024
IT Staff Augmentation 16-311-RFPLW-25 RFP DevCare VA
12/19/2019 12/18/2024
IT Staff Augmentation 16-311-RFPLW-11 RFP Beacon System - IT Staff Augmentation
10/10/2019 11/14/2024
IT Staff Augmentation 16-311-RFPLW-43 RFP OST
1/13/2020 1/12/2025
IT Staff Augmentation 16-311-RFPLW-2 RFP Advance Digital Systems Inc
12/9/2019 12/8/2024
IT Staff Augmentation 16-311-RFPLW-44 RFP Powersolv Inc.
12/9/2019 12/8/2024
IT Staff Augmentation 16-282-R Rider Ashburn Consulting
4/7/2016 1/31/2024
IT Staff Augmentation 16-311-RFPLW-17 RFP Computer Technologies Consultants, Inc
10/10/2019 11/14/2024
IT Staff Augmentation 16-311-RFPLW-57 RFP TECHNOMAX, LLC
12/21/2019 1/2/2025
IT Staff Augmentation 16-311-RFPLW-16 RFP Computer Enterprises, Inc.
10/10/2019 11/14/2024
IT Staff Augmentation 16-311-RFPLW-67 RFP VICOM INFINITY, INC.
2/27/2020 2/26/2025
IT Staff Augmentation 16-311-RFPLW-14 RFP Creative Information Technology
10/10/2019 11/14/2024
IT Staff Augmentation 16-311-47-RFPLW RFP Salem InfoTech
11/12/2019 11/11/2024
IT Staff Augmentation 16-311-RFPLW-42 RFP OHM Systems
1/6/2020 1/5/2024
IT Staff Augmentation 16-311-RFPLW-7 RFP APEX SYSTEMS LLC
12/9/2019 12/8/2024
IT Staff Augmentation 16-311-RFPLW-45 RFP Presidio Networked Solutions LLC
12/23/2019 12/22/2024
IT Staff Augmentation 16-311-46-RFPLW RFP PSI
PSI Services LLC
PSI Services LLC
12/9/2019 12/8/2024
J.J. Keller 21-HRD-SFA-599 Quick Quote J.J. Keller
3/24/2021 3/23/2024
Janitorial and Sanitation Supplies, Equipment & Related Services 20-279-R 20-279-R Network Services Company
6/23/2020 5/31/2024
Janitorial Services 20-139-ITB-LJ 20-139-ITB 1st Lady Janitorial Services,llc
3/18/2020 3/31/2024
Janitorial Services for Various Parks 20-140-ITBLW ITB 1st Lady Janitorial Services,llc
5/1/2020 4/30/2024
Janitorial Supplies 21-SHR-R-568 R Abel Industries, Inc.
3/1/2021 6/30/2024
Job Discovery, Inc.- Day Support and Employment Services 16-323-4-R R 6/29/2019 11/30/3021
Job Order Contracting 21-DMF-ITB-262-GC-1 ITB Centennial Contractors Enteprises, Inc.
Centennial Contractors Enterprises
11/10/2020 11/9/2023
Job Order Contracting 21-DMF-ITB-262-MECH-1 ITB Brown & Root Industrial Services, LLC
11/10/2020 11/9/2023
Job Order Contracting 21-DMF-ITB-262-GC-4 ITB FH Paschen, SN Nielsen & Associates LLC
11/10/2020 11/9/2023
Job Order Contracting 21-DMF-ITB-262-MECH-2 ITB Adrian L Merton
11/10/2020 11/9/2023
Job Order Contracting 21-DMF-ITB-262-GC-3 ITB Brown & Root Industrial Services, LLC
11/10/2020 11/9/2023
Job Order Contracting 21-DMF-ITB-262-GC-2 ITB The Matthews Group (TMG)
11/10/2020 11/9/2023
Job Order Contracting 21-DMF-ITB-262-GC-5 ITB S-Works Construction Corporation
11/10/2020 11/9/2023
Job Order Contracting 21-DMF-ITB-262-MECH-3 ITB AP Construction, LLC
11/10/2020 11/9/2023
Job Order Contracting 21-DMF-ITB-262-MECH-5 ITB Service Mechanical, Inc.
11/10/2020 11/9/2023
Jones Utilities Construction, Inc. 18-227-ITB-1 18-227-ITB Jones Utilities Construction, Inc.
1/7/2019 1/6/2024
3/16/2023 3/15/2024
Jury Management System 17-353-SS SS Courthouse Technologies, Ltd.
Tyler Technologies, Inc.
10/26/2017 8/28/2024
Kinship Navigation Services 21-DHS-EP-406 Exempt Purchase xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
10/1/2020 9/30/2023
Konecranes, Inc. 22-DES-ITB-451 ITB Konecranes, Inc.
11/12/2021 11/30/2023
Labor, Materials, and Equipment for Sewer Lines Maintenance 20-135-ITB ITB Sagres Construction Corporation
5/7/2020 5/6/2024
Laboratory Equipment & Supplies 16-393-R Rider Fisher Scientific Company, LLC
4/1/2018 2/28/2024
Laboratory Equipment and Supplies 23-DES-ITB-560 23-DES-ITB-560 Colonial Scientific Inc
4/4/2023 3/31/2024
Land Records Recording System 22-CCT-RFP-700 22-CCT-RFP-700 Land Records Recording System xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
4/3/2023 4/2/2028
Landfill disposal facility services 22-DES-ITB-605 22-DES-ITB-605 ReAgg LLC
3/18/2022 3/31/2024
Landscape Architectural Services for DPR 22-DPR-RFP-666b RFP Gordon US LLC (dba Gordon)
10/19/2022 10/31/2024
Landscape Architectural Services for DPR 22-DPR-RFP-666a 22-DPR-RFP-666 Hord Coplan Macht
Hord Coplan Macht
Hord Coplan Macht
10/19/2022 10/31/2023
Landscape Maintenance Services to landscape maintenance areas, County facilities, and street islands 22-DPR-ITBLW-582 22-DPR-ITBLW-582 BrightView Landscape Services, Inc.
BrightView Landscape Services, Inc.
3/16/2022 3/31/2024
Landscape Plants and Related Supplies 18-228-R-1 R Merrifield Garden Center
5/25/2018 12/31/2023
Language and Interpretation Services 18-162-3-ITB ITB TELELANGUAGE, INC
2/7/2019 6/30/2024
Language Translation and Interpretation Services 18-162-2-ITB ITB Volatia Language Network
2/7/2019 6/30/2024
Language Translation and Interpretation Services 18-162-1-ITB ITB FourCorners Translation LLC
2/5/2019 6/30/2024
LAZ Parking Mid-Atlantic, LLC 22-AED-SFA-561 Sole Source LAZ Parking Mid-Atlantic, LLC
2/1/2022 6/30/2024
Legal Services 21-DHS-EP-203 EP Legal Services of Northern Virginia, Inc.
7/1/2020 6/30/2024
Level I and II Sonogram Services 21-DHS-EP-4 EP Virginia Hospital Center Arlington Health System
7/1/2020 6/30/2024
8/25/2020 6/30/2024
Library Materials 22-LIB-R-740 R Brodart Co. - Library Books and Standing Orders
7/1/2022 6/30/2025
Library Materials 22-LIB-R-738 R Ingram Library Services Inc.
7/1/2022 6/30/2025
7/1/2022 6/30/2025
LIBRARY MATERIALS 22-LIB-R-735 Ebsco Publishing, Inc.
7/1/2022 6/30/2025
7/1/2022 6/30/2025
Library Materials and Supplies 19-179-R R Barnes & Noble Bookselleres, Inc.
1/15/2019 6/30/2024
Library Productivity Software 21-LIB-SS-306 SS Springshare, LLC
6/3/2021 6/30/2024
Libris Photoshelter Annual License 20-845-SS SS Tempest Interactive Media, LLC
7/1/2020 6/30/2024
Licensed Overdrive Content 22-LIB-EP-350 EP OverDrive, Inc.
8/1/2021 7/31/2024
Licensed Research Database 23-LIB-SLA-276 SLA Proquest, LLC
8/8/2022 8/31/2024
Life and Accident Insurance 638-12-1-A RFP The Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company
7/1/2020 12/31/2023
Life Cycle Assessment Services for DPR 20-018-RFP RFP Bureau Veritus Technical Assessments, LLC
4/6/2020 4/10/2024
Light Duty Towing Services 21-POL-ITB-399 ITB Redman Fleet Services, Inc.
2/1/2021 1/31/2024
Lighting Retrofit Services 23-DES-ITBLW-497 23-DES-ITBLW-497 $167,069 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
2/16/2023 2/15/2024
LinkedIn Sales Navigator 23-AED-EP-434 EP 11/3/2022 11/2/2023
Loan Servicing 18-137-RFP RFP AmeriNational Community Services, LLC
12/12/2018 11/30/2023
Locksmith Services 22-DES-ITB-249 ITB ARLINGTON LOCK, INC.
8/20/2021 8/19/2024
Long Term Group Home 20-052-RFP-2 RFP Community Residences, Inc. dba CRi
3/3/2021 2/28/2024
Long-Term Residential Services, Assisted Living Facility (ALF) 22-DHS-RFPLW-337A RFP Pathway Homes, Inc.
Pathway Homes, Inc.
2/21/2023 5/31/2024
Lubber Run Pedestrian Bridge 23-DPR-ITBPW-575 23-DPR-ITBPW-575 Bright Masonry Inc
Bright Masonry Inc
6/20/2023 7/9/2024
Maintenance & Support Services for Assessment & Collection Enterprise System 21-DTS-SLA-195 Sevice Level Agreement Fast Enterprises, LLC
7/1/2020 6/30/2024
Maintenance and Related Support Services for the Land And Vitals System 20-747-EP EP Granicus, LLC
7/1/2020 6/30/2024
Maintenance and Repair Services for ADA, Revolving and Power Doors 21-DES-ITB-516 21-DES-ITB-516 Dormakaba USA Inc.
10/1/2021 9/30/2024
Maintenance and Support for Carlson Survey and Point Cloud Software 21-DES-SLA-496 Service Level Agreement Caron East, Inc.
1/14/2021 1/13/2024
Maintenance of Fire Alerting System 23-FIR-SLA-411 Westnet Inc
12/7/2022 11/9/2023
Managed Network Services 671-15 Presidio Networked Solutions, LLC
12/1/2015 6/30/2024
Mango Languages Services 20-725-EP EP xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
10/9/2020 6/30/2024
Marketing Communications/Advertising/Public Relations 21-DES-RFP-585b 21-DES-RFP-585 Pulsar Advertising, Inc.
11/1/2021 6/30/2024
Mary Marshall Assisted Living Operation 17-183-SS SS Arlington VOA ALR Operating, Inc.
4/1/2017 6/30/2024
MCN Build, Inc. - CMAR Fire Station No. 8 - Rebuild 19-219-RFP 19-219-RFP MCN Build, Inc.
11/8/2019 1/16/2024
Media Management Streaming Solution 17-122-SS SS Granicus, LLC
6/21/2017 12/31/2023
Medical and Emergency Forms Management System Services 22-DPR-SLA-638 (Replaces 20-824-SS) SLA EPACT NETWORK LTD
2/18/2022 2/17/2024
Medical Supplies 20-220-R Rider Bound Tree Medical, LLC
7/31/2020 12/27/2023
12/6/2019 6/30/2024
Microsoft Consulting 21-DTS-R-182 Rider Microsoft Corporation
6/16/2020 3/4/2028
Micro-Surfacing 19-251-ITB 19-251-ITB Slurry Pavers, Inc.
7/1/2020 6/30/2024
Minor Building Repair and Construction Services 21-DES-ITB-517-C ITB Tito Contractors, Inc.
6/1/2021 5/31/2024
Minor Building Repair and Construction Services 21-DES-ITB-517-E ITB Unisource Services, LLC
6/1/2021 5/31/2024
Minor Building Repair and Construction Services 21-DES-ITB-517-A ITB Colossal Contractors, Inc.
6/1/2021 5/31/2024
Minor Building Repair and Construction Services 21-DES-ITB-517-D ITB Broughton Construction Company, LLC
6/1/2021 5/31/2024
Miscellaneous Electrical Services 20-066-R-2 Rider Beckstrom Electric
10/9/2019 1/17/2024
Mission Critical Infrastructure Maintenance & Repair Services 20-232-ITB ITB ABM FACILITY SUPPOABM FACILITY SUPPORT SERVICES LLC
8/1/2020 7/31/2024
Mobile Assessment 19-837-SS SS Woolpert, Inc.
6/7/2019 6/30/2024
Mobile Unit Software and Annual Support 22-DES-SLA-442 SLA Infrastructure Technologies, LLC
ITpipes Opco LLC
10/1/2021 9/30/2024
9/25/2021 9/24/2031
Monitoring Services for Security Systems for Various ACG Facilities 19-214-ITB 19-214-ITB ADT, LLC.
5/3/2019 4/30/2024
Montgomery County Cooperative Purchase of Road Deicing Salt 22-DES-ITB-563b IFB 1134601 Eastern Salt Company, Inc.
1/4/2022 12/31/2023
Morningstar Investment Advisory Services 17-252-X X Morningstar Investment Management, LLC -
7/31/2020 6/30/2026
Mortality Database of Individuals 20-238-SLA SLA THE BERWYN GROUP, INC.
12/1/2020 11/30/2023
MRO Supplies and Equipment 24-DES-R-269 24-DES-R-69 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
7/17/2023 11/8/2024
MSSSA web-based software system for background screening 21-POL-SLA-615 SLA xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
7/15/2021 7/31/2024
Multi-modal traffic engineering, operations, intelligent transportation Systems Planning, Project Management Services 18-117-9 18-117-RFP Rummel, Klepper & Kahl, LLP
8/8/2019 8/18/2024
Municipal Emergency Services, Inc. 22-FIR-R-309 R Municipal Emergency Services, Inc. -
9/10/2021 4/11/2025
N Glebe Road Watermain Replacement 23-DES-ITBPW-474 23-DES-ITBPW-474 A&M Concrete Corporation
5/16/2023 3/10/2025
NAPA AUTO PARTS 22-DES-R-675 6/15/2022 10/19/2024
Narcotic Treatment Program 21-DHS-EP-192 EP Alexandria Community Service Board
7/1/2020 6/30/2024
Natural Gas Supply 23-DES-R-209 R WGL Energy Services, Inc.
6/28/2022 5/31/2024
NE & NW Grass Mowing and Turf Maintenance Services 21-DPR-ITBLW-623b 21-DPR-ITBLW-623 MCDONNELL LANDSCAPE INC
7/1/2021 6/30/2024
NEOCASE 11 HR Customer Service and Support Solution 23-HRD-SLA-307 SLA Neocase Software Incorporated
10/15/2022 10/31/2025
Neurorehabilitation and Supported Living Services 22-DHS-EP-3 Mentor ABI, LLC
11/1/2021 10/31/2023
New Construction Tires, Parts & Service 19-254-ITB ITB Donald B. Rice Tire Co.
2/21/2020 5/30/2024
New Electric Motor Parts and Service 20-213-ITB-2 ITB Hill's Electric Motor Service
10/15/2020 10/14/2024
New Electric Motor Parts and Service 20-213-ITB-1 ITB Anlac LLC
10/15/2020 10/14/2024
Next Generation Bus Farebox System 22-DES-R-367 Rider 8/25/2021 12/23/2023
NFL Flag Football Apparel & Equipment 20-850-SS SS Reigning Champs Football LLC
7/22/2020 7/21/2024
Nissan Electric Vehicles Parts & Repair Services 23-DES-ITB-339 23-DES-ITB-339 SBN Fairfax
5/2/2023 4/30/2024
Non-emergency Repair of Fiber-optic Communications Network 18-227-ITB-3 18-227-ITB Southern Maryland Cable, Inc.
1/7/2019 1/6/2024
Non-Native Invasive Plant Removal 19-241-R R Invasive Plant Control, Inc.
4/5/2019 1/1/2024
Norix Furniture for Detention Center & DHA 23-DES-R-480 R Norix Group, Inc.
3/15/2023 8/31/2024
Northern Virginia Supply, Inc. 22-DES-R-590e R Northern Virginia Supply
1/21/2022 12/31/2023
Nutrition and Meals Services 23-DHS-RFPLW-160 23-DHS-RFPLOW-160 $500,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
4/1/2023 3/31/2024
O2X Human Performance 23-POL-R-269 R O2X Human Performance, LLC
5/15/2023 5/31/2025
OEM Parts & Service for JCB & LeeBoy Equipment 23-DES-R-314 Valley Supply & Equipment Company Inc.
9/28/2022 12/8/2024
Office Supplies 19-306-R R Office Depot, LLC
9/24/2018 9/30/2023
Office supplies including COVID-19 test kits 22-OEM-R-583 R W.B. MASON, CO., INC.
1/10/2022 10/31/2024
On call Capital Construction Services (Horizontal) 19-112-ITB-2 ITB A&M Concrete Corporation
3/20/2019 3/19/2024
On-Call Bridge and Ancillary Structure Services 21-DES-RFP-257 21-DES-RFP-257 Volkert, Inc.
4/1/2021 3/31/2024
On-call Bridge and Culvert Maintenance and Repair Services 22-DES-ITB-447 22-DES-ITB-447 Fort Myer Construction Corp.
Fort Myer Construction Corperation
2/1/2022 1/31/2024
On-call Capital Construction Services (Horizontal) 19-112-ITB-1 ITB Sagres Construction Corporation
Sagres Construction Corporation
Sagres Construction Corporation
3/20/2019 3/19/2024
On-Call Concrete Maintenance 23-DES-ITBPW-338 23-DES-ITBPW-338 Bright Masonry Inc
2/16/2023 2/28/2024
On-Call Construction of Stormwater Management Facilities 19-037-ITB ITB Sagres Construction Corporation
Sagres Construction Corporation
Sagres Construction Corporation
1/11/2019 1/10/2024
On-Call Construction of Wet Utilities 19-279-ITB ITB Sagres Construction Corporation
Sagres Construction Corporation
Sagres Construction Corporation
9/30/2019 9/29/2024
On-Call Engineering Services 17-348-RFP-1 17-348-RFP Black & Veatch Corporation
3/1/2021 2/28/2024
On-Call Engineering Services 17-348-RFP-3 17-348-RFP Greeley and Hansen, LLC
3/1/2021 2/29/2024
On-Call Engineering Services 17-348-RFP-2 RFP CH2M HILL ENGINEER, INC.
4/12/2019 2/28/2024
On-Call Furniture Installation and Related Services 23-DES-ITBLW-552 23-DES-ITBLW-552 District Moving Companies, Inc
District Moving Companies, Inc.
6/6/2023 6/30/2024
On-Call Multi-Modal Transportation Planning, Design and Project Management Services 18-105-9 18-105-RFP Toole Design Group, LLC
2/28/2020 11/4/2023
On-Call Outdoor Lighting System Maintenance, Repair, and Rebuild Services 23-DES-ITBPW-432 23-DES-ITBPW-432 Lighting Maintenance Inc
1/21/2023 1/31/2024
On-Call Storm Sewer Repair 19-200-ITB ITB Sagres Construction Corporation
Sagres Construction Corporation
Sagres Construction Corporation
8/14/2019 8/13/2024
On-call Traffic Signal Construction and Maintenance 23-DES-ITBPW-631 23-DES-ITBPW-631 R.E. Lee Electric Company, Inc.
7/25/2023 6/30/2024
On-Demand Transportation Services for Arlington County Clients 23-DHS-RFP-297b 23-DHS-RFP-297 HopSkipDrive
9/18/2023 9/17/2024
On-Demand Transportation Services for Arlington County Clients 23-DHS-RFP-297a 23-DHS-RFP-297 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
1/2/2023 1/1/2024
9/20/2023 12/31/2023
On-Site Physicals for Public Safety Staff 23-FIR-R-622 R Life Extension Clinics, Inc.
4/28/2023 3/30/2024
Operation of Green Valley Community Center 21-DHS-EP-2 EP Bridges to Independence, Inc.
7/1/2020 6/30/2024
Operation of Homeless Shelter 19-071-1-RFP-LW RFP PathForward, Inc.
12/20/2019 12/31/2023
Operation of Residential Program Center 19-071-2-RFP-LW RFP New Hope Housing, Inc.
12/4/2019 12/3/2023
Operations, Maintenance, Management Services-ART 19-093-RFP 19-093-RFP First Transit, Inc.
First Transit, Inc.
10/2/2019 10/1/2024
Oracle Products and Services 23-DTS-R-442 R Mythics, Inc.
2/15/2023 12/31/2024
Oracle Products and Services 20-225-R Rider DLT Solutions, Inc.
4/6/2020 11/30/2023
Outreach/Grassroot Marketing 21-DES-RFP-585a 21-DES-RFP-585 NeoNiche Strategies
NeoNiche Strategies, LLC
11/1/2021 6/30/2024
Overhead Doors Maintenance 23-DES-ITB-556 23-DES-ITB-556 Door Systems Inc
4/14/2023 4/30/2024
Painting Services 22-DES-ITB-576 ITB xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
12/5/2022 11/21/2023
Palo Alto Products and Services 19-247-ITB ITB Presidio Networked Solutions LLC
7/1/2020 6/30/2024
Paratransit Services 603-13-1 Transportation, Inc.
5/27/2015 5/31/2024
Parking Pay Stations and Related Parts, Software and Services 23-DES-SS-313 Single Source Cale America Inc.
7/19/2022 7/31/2024
Partnering to End Abuse in the Community for Everyone (PEACE) 21-DHS-EP-193 EP Doorways for Women and Families, Inc.
7/1/2020 6/30/2024
Patient Centered Medical Care 20-777-EP EP ARLINGTON FREE CLINIC
5/22/2020 6/30/2024
Pavement Markings & In-Street Devices 23-DES-ITBPW-364 ITBPW JenSpy Inc
1/12/2023 1/15/2024
Peer Support Specialty Services 23-DHS-R-288 PRS INC
7/11/2022 6/30/2024
Pension Gold Reitrement System 19-063-SS SS Levi, Ray and Shoup, Inc.
2/28/2019 10/31/2023
Performance Parking System Solution for Deployment in Commercial Corridors 22-DES-RFP-611 22-DES-RFP-611 eleven-x Incorporated
10/13/2022 9/30/2025
Permitting and Land Management System 530-15-RFP RFP ACCELA, INC.
3/31/2016 6/30/2024
Pharmacy Services 22-DHS-R-507A R Genoa Healthcare, LLC
3/22/2023 11/30/2023
Photo enforcement services 20-079-R Rider AMERICAN TRFFIC SOLUTIONS, INC
11/8/2019 5/14/2024
PlanetPress Software 24-DES-R-165 R Pitney Bowes, Inc.
4/28/2023 5/14/2024
Planning Consultant for the Langston Boulevard Planning Study 23-CPHD-SS-371 SS xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
11/1/2022 10/31/2024
Playground Equipment & Repairs 21-DPR-SS-490-B SS Kompan, Inc. - Playground Equipment & Repairs, Inc.
9/24/2021 9/19/2024
Playground Equipment and Repair 21-DPR-SS-490-A Sole Source Playground Specialists, Inc.
4/21/2021 3/24/2024
Playground Surface Material 20-197-ITB ITB Mulch Solutions Inc.
7/12/2020 7/31/2024
Playground Waterplay Equipment 23-DPR-R-582 Landscape Structures Inc
5/2/2023 2/17/2025
Pleasants Construction, Inc. 23-DES-R-479 1/27/2023 6/30/2024
Plumbing Kits and Parts 20-855-SS SS I-CON Systems, Inc.
6/10/2020 6/9/2025
Plumbing Repair Services 21-DES-ITB-594 21-DES-ITB-594 AMERICAN BOILER, INC.
6/1/2021 5/31/2024
Plymovent Upgrade, On-going Maintenance and As-needed Repair 23-FIR-SS-538 SS Air Cleaning Technology
2/17/2023 2/29/2028
POET LAUREATE 24-AED-SFA-279 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
7/1/2023 6/30/2025
Police Dash Cameras 22-DES-R-357 R Lytx, Inc.
9/22/2021 3/26/2025
Police Motorcycle 22-DES-R-407 R G & G Motorcycles, Inc. dba Richmond Harley-Davidson
9/9/2021 9/8/2025
Poll Worker Management System Support Services 24-REG-CST-373 Constitutional Officer U.S. Digital Response
8/1/2023 12/31/2024
Portable Toilet Rental 21-DPR-R-606 Rider United Rentals (North America) Inc.
3/26/2021 8/27/2024
Premier Sports Fields, LLC - Athletic Fields Turf Management 21-DPR-R-446 Rider 11/10/2020 2/12/2024
Preparation Of Design Development & Construction Documents 16-133-E RFP 4/15/2016 12/31/2023
Prevailing Wage and Living Wage Software Solution 22-DMF-RFP-467 RFP eComply Solutions LLC
3/10/2022 3/9/2024
Preventative and corrective maintenance of Fujitec elevators and escalators 22-DES-SS-LW-481 SS Fujitec America
7/1/2022 6/30/2024
Preventative Maintenance and Repair at ART Compressed Natural Gas Facility 22-DES-ITB-689 ITB Clean Energy Corp
8/1/2022 7/31/2024
Primary and Preventative Care Services 24-DHS-SFALW-338 SS Neighborhood Health
7/1/2023 6/30/2024
Print Station Hardware & Software 21-LIB-EP-308 EP TODAY’S BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, INC. -TBS, Inc.
5/12/2021 6/30/2024
Printing, Bindery, Pre-Press & Related Graphic Arts Services 19-137-RFP-1 RFP HBP, inc.
7/15/2019 3/31/2024
Processing of Recyclable Materials 23-DES-R-592 R WM Recycle America, LLC
4/11/2023 1/31/2025
Products and Services 22-LIB-SLA-393 Service Level Agreement OCLC, Inc.
8/31/2021 6/30/2024
Program Management Services 19-261-RFP RFP HDR Engineering, Inc. - Program Management Services
11/24/2020 11/30/2023
Project DC12 Streetscape Improvements 23-DES-ITBPW-425 23-DES-ITBPW-425 Fort Myer Construction Corp.
3/21/2023 3/21/2024
Provide access to a nationwide law enforcement public records platform 21-POL-SLA-576 Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions FL, Inc.
7/1/2022 6/30/2024
Provision and Delivery of Methanol 20-192-R Rider Colonial Chemical Solutions, Inc.
2/24/2020 5/31/2024
Provision and Installation of Emergency Equipment 23-DES-R-478 R xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
3/24/2023 4/23/2024
Provision of rental uniforms and associated services 19-257-R R Cintas Corporation
Cintas Corporation
Cintas Corporation No..2
4/19/2019 10/31/2024
Provision of Transit Project Management Staffing Services 22-DES-RFPLW-465 22-DES-RFPLW-465 First Transit, Inc.
First Transit, Inc.
First Transit, Inc.
5/1/2022 6/30/2024
Provision of Vertiv Products and Services 20-253-ITB ITB Presidio Networked Solutions
Presidio Networked Solutions LLC
7/1/2020 6/30/2024
PRS, Inc. - Community-Based & Program- Integrated Mental Health Skill- Building Services 21-DHS-RFPLW-386c RFPLW PRS
7/1/2021 6/30/2024
Psychiatric Services 21-DHS-EP-403 Exempt Purchase Dr. Ramanath Gopalan
10/30/2020 9/30/2024
Psychiatric Services 21-DHS-EP-405 EP Dr. Sashi Putchakayala, MD
10/30/2020 9/30/2024
Psychiatric Services 21-DHS-EP-404 EP Dr. Ana San Martin, MD
10/30/2020 9/30/2024
psychological evaluations for youth and adults 22-JDRC-EP-626 22-JDRC-EP-626 William Ling PhD., Inc.
2/11/2022 2/10/2024
Psychosexual Risk Assessments and Evaluations 23-JDRC-EP-456 EP xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
11/29/2022 11/28/2023
PTV Group 20-DES-838-SS SS PTV Group
4/4/2020 4/4/2025
Public Engagement and Survey Online Tool Solution 22-CMO-RFP-586 22-CMO-RFP-586 Cityzen Solutions, Inc. DBA
8/25/2022 6/30/2024
Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Services 19-057-R R Safeware, Inc.,
10/4/2018 9/30/2024
Public Safety Communications 22-OEM-SLA-375 SLA Dataminr, Inc
8/9/2021 8/8/2024
Public Safety Psychological Services - Psychological Assessment and Fitness for Duty Services 20-017-RFP RFP xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
1/22/2021 1/20/2024
Public Safety Supplies 23-POL-R-490 R xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
3/17/2023 10/7/2026
Public Safety Video Survellance Solutions 24-POL-R-376 R xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
9/18/2023 2/14/2027
Public Works Equipment, Supplies & Support Services 20-035-R R Ferguson Enterprises, Inc.
9/16/2019 6/30/2024
Purchase Equipment, Parts, and Services for Mixers, Pumps, and Gears 23-DES-ITB-344 ITB Sherwood-Loan & Associates
5/25/2023 5/31/2024
Purchase Window Treatment, Installation, and Repair Services 23-DES-ITBLW-584 ITB Window Decor of Fairfax
7/7/2023 6/30/2024
Purchasing Card Services 17-028-R R JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA
8/15/2020 8/14/2024
Radar & Lidar Equipment 18-257-R R Kustom Signals. Inc.
1/3/2019 12/31/2023
4/3/2020 6/30/2024
Radios, Maintenance and Repair Services 19-311-ITB ITB Wireless Communications, Inc.
8/19/2019 7/31/2024
RAFT Assisted Living Services 24-DHS-EP-161 EP Avalon Homes Residential Assisted Living - Assisted Living Services (RAFT)
7/1/2023 6/30/2024
Real Estate Data Exchange Agreement 23-DMF-EP-156 EP Bright MLS, Inc.
5/16/2022 5/15/2032
Real Estate Data Software Licenses 23-DES-SLA-157 SLA Bright MLS, Inc.
5/16/2022 5/15/2032
Record Destruction 16-055 Safeguard Shredding
11/4/2015 11/12/2023
Records Management and Storage 559-13 RFP JK Moving and Storage, Inc.
7/15/2015 6/30/2025
Recyc Systems, Inc. 20-167-ITB ITB Recyc Systems, Inc.
2/21/2020 2/28/2024
Recycled Copy & Printing Paper 19-070-ITB ITB BW Wilson Paper Company
12/26/2018 11/30/2023
Redaction Services 18-074-R Rider Composition Systems, Inc. (CSI)
CSI Engineering
Cyber Solutions Integration (CSI)
10/6/2017 5/31/2024
Refuse and Recycling Collection Services 22-DES-ITB-470 22-DES-ITB-470 Zero Waste Solutions Inc.
1/1/2022 12/31/2023
Regional Older Adult Facilities Mental Health Support Program 24-DHS-EPLW-340 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
9/8/2023 8/31/2024
Regional Older Adult Facilities Mental Health Support Program 22-DHS-EP-573 EP xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
1/7/2022 12/31/2023
Relamping Athletic Fields 21-DPR-ITB-508 ITB Lighting Maintenance Inc.
1/1/2021 12/31/2023
Removal, Transportation & Storage Services of Deceased Bodies 20-118-ITB ITB EC WHITAKER ENTERPRISES
1/10/2020 12/31/2024
Replacement of six (6) Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) located in the penthouse of Arlington Courthouse Building 23-DES-ITBPW-447 23-DES-ITBPW-447 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
3/31/2023 2/28/2024
REPLACEMENT PARTS FOR BRASCO BUS SHELTERS 718-13 Service Level Agreement Brasco International, Inc.
4/3/2014 2/28/2024
Research & Advisory Services 18-245-R R Gartner Inc.
4/29/2019 3/13/2024
Residential Moving and Storage 22-DHS-ITB-536 22-DHS-ITB-536 Gifted Hands Moving Company, LLC.
3/14/2022 3/13/2024
Residential Services Adults w/ Developmental Disabilities 17-316-EP EP L'Arche, Inc.
9/19/2017 6/30/2024
Residential Services for Adults with Development Disabilities 18-031-EP EP St John's Community Center
9/8/2017 6/30/2024
Residential Services for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities 23-DHS-RFPLW-473 23-DHS-RFPLW-473 Encircle
9/1/2023 8/31/2024
Retirement Plan Advisory Services 19-304-R R CapTrust Financial Advisors - Retirement Plan Advisory Services
7/1/2020 6/30/2024
Revby LLC 22-AED-RFP-639 22-AED-RFP-639 Revby LLC
7/1/2022 6/30/2024
Road Right-of-Way Maintenance Equipment 23-DES-R-618 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
7/10/2023 8/9/2025
Rock Crusher and Dirt Screener 23-DES-ITB-650 23-DES-ITB-528 Commonwealth Equipment Corp
8/11/2023 8/10/2024
Rockwell Automation & Allen Bradley Equipment, Software & Repair Services 23-DES-SLA-198 RexelUSA Inc.
3/16/2023 3/31/2024
Roof Maintenance and Repair Services 21-DES-ITB-66b 21-DES-ITB-66 Nastos Construction Inc
nastos construction inc.
9/16/2020 9/15/2024
Roof Maintenance and Repair Services 21-DES-ITB-66a 21-DES-ITB-66 Simpson Unlimited
9/16/2020 9/15/2024
Rosslyn Ballston Corridor Improvements Phase II 23-DES-ITB-555 23-DES-ITB-555 Sagres Construction Corporation
8/10/2023 5/31/2024
Rummel, Klepper, and Kahl, LLP - Engineering Services 17-084-RFP-10 17-084-RFP Rummel, Klepper & Kahl, LLP
Rummel, Klepper & Kahl, LLP
8/1/2020 7/31/2024
S Carlin Springs Road & 6th Steet Traffic Signal Upgrades 23-DES-ITBPW-470 23-DES-ITBPW-470 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
4/20/2023 3/31/2024
Safety Shoes 20-002-ITB-2 ITB Cintas Corporation No..2
12/1/2019 11/30/2023
Safety Shoes 20-002-ITB-1 ITB Saf-Gard Safety Shoe Company
12/1/2019 11/30/2023
Safety Shoes 20-002-ITB-3 ITB Red Wing Brands Of America, Inc.
12/12/2019 11/30/2023
Salesforce Sales and Marketing Cloud 19-217-R R Carahsoft Technology Corporation
5/15/2019 9/15/2026
Sanitary Sewer Video Pipe Cleaning & Inspection SVCS 19-243-ITB ITB Savin Engineers, P.C.
7/1/2020 6/30/2024
SCADA System Upgrade 19-031-RFP RFP Trihedral, Inc. - SCADA System Upgrade
3/25/2020 3/24/2025
Scaled Artwork Drawings 23-AED-EP-387 EP LINN MEYERS
5/4/2023 12/31/2024
ScansAmerica/Record Imaging and Conversion 16-187-ITB ITB 7/31/2020 4/30/2024
School and Instructional Supplies 24-DPR-R-331 R xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
9/20/2023 2/28/2025
School Bus Parts & Service 22-DES-R-584 R Kingmor Supply Inc.
2/7/2022 9/30/2023
School Bus Parts & Service 22-DES-R-572-a Rider Kingmor Supply Inc.
4/11/2022 6/30/2024
School Health and Safety Medical Supplies 22-DHS-R-746 R 8/3/2022 4/30/2026
SE & SW Grass Mowing and Turf Maintenance Services 21-DPR-ITBLW-623a 21-DPR-ITBLW-623 J&M of Northern Virginia
7/1/2021 6/30/2024
Seal Parts & Services 20-717-EP EP Seal Analytical Inc.
7/31/2020 10/18/2024
Search Engine Optimization Services 21-AED-SS-1 SS Tempest Interactive Media, LLC
7/1/2020 6/30/2024
Secure Video Conferencing Platform 22-DHS-RFP-18 RFP Secure Telehealth
11/1/2022 10/31/2023
Security Assessment Services 19-133-RFP RFP iParametrics, LLC
10/25/2019 9/30/2023
Security Guard Services 19-264-R R SOS Intermediate Holding, LLC dba Allied Universal Security Services
5/2/2019 4/7/2025
Sewer Rehabilitation Services 23-DES-ITBPW-455 ITB AM-Liner East Inc
8/29/2023 8/31/2024
Shelter and Rapid Re-housing 22-DHS-EP-257 EP Doorways for Women and Families, Inc.
7/1/2021 6/30/2024
SHI INTERNATIONAL CORP 23-DTS-R-585 3/16/2023 1/13/2024
8/20/2021 8/21/2024
Shirlington Road Pedestrian Bridge 23-DES-ITBPW-502 23-DES-ITBPW-502 Milani Construction, LLC
5/16/2023 9/5/2024
Short-Term Transitional Assisted Living Services 22-DHS-SS-344 SS Community Residences, Inc. dba CRi
10/7/2021 12/31/2023
Short-Term Transitional Housing Services 22-DHS-RFPLW-337B RFP Pathway Homes, Inc.
Pathway Homes, Inc.
3/24/2023 3/31/2024
Shuttle Van Services 23-DPR-ITB-601 23-DPR-ITB-601 Sunny's Coach Services, Inc
6/28/2023 6/27/2024
Sidewalk Trip Prevention 22-DES-ITBPW-648 ITBPW Precision Safe Sidewalks, LLC.
5/19/2022 6/30/2024
Siements Services 20-848-SS SS SIEMENS INDUSTRY, INC.
6/11/2020 6/30/2024
Signage Installation 20-077-ITB ITB Capitol Marking Products Co. - Signage Installation
7/31/2020 3/31/2024
Slurry Seal 20-036-ITB ITB Slurry Pavers, Inc.
8/5/2020 7/31/2024
Sodium Bisulfite (40%) 23-DES-ITB-549 ITB xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
3/24/2023 3/31/2024
Sodium Chloride Bulk Salt 22-DES-R-450 R Morton Salt, Inc.
12/10/2021 9/30/2024
Sodium Hypochlorite 23-DES-ITB-621 ITB xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
7/12/2023 6/30/2024
Software Licenses (Articulate and Inquisid) 23-HRD-R-535 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
3/2/2023 1/7/2024
Software Maintenance for VISSIM, VISUM, Vistro and Other Rel 20-838-SS SS PTV Group
7/31/2020 4/8/2025
Software Maintenance, Support Services 16-128-SS SS Motorola Solutions
12/22/2015 6/30/2025
Software Support and Maintenance Agreement 20-019-EP EP ImageSoft, Inc.
9/1/2020 8/31/2024
Source Separated Organics (SSO) Collection and Composting Service for Arlington County facilities. 22-DES-ITBLW-564 22-DES-ITB-564 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
1/3/2022 1/2/2024
South Glebe Road Intersection Improvements 22-DES-ITBPW-696 22-DES-ITBPW-696 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
7/27/2022 12/27/2023
Sparrow Pond Restoration 23-DES-ITBPW-494 23-DES-ITBPW-494 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
6/23/2023 6/23/2024
Specialize HVAC Maintenance and Repair Services 21-DES-SFA-663 Sole Source Havtech Service Division LLC
6/1/2021 5/31/2024
Specialized Plumbing Services 21-DES-ITB-515 ITB Magnolia Plumbing, Inc.
Magnolia Plumbing, Inc.
6/1/2021 5/31/2024
Specialized Transit for Arlington Residents (STAR) 21-DES-RFPLW-295 21-DES-295-RFP First Transit, Inc.
First Transit, Inc.
9/16/2021 9/12/2026
Spray Bedliner Services 19-144-ITB ITB Line-X of Northern Virginia, Inc.
4/24/2019 4/30/2024
SSV and PPV Tahoes 24-DES-R-215 R xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
6/21/2023 9/20/2025
Stack Sport Registration Software for DPR Programs 23-DPR-SLA-534 SLA SPay, Inc.
3/17/2023 1/31/2024
Stertil Koni Inground Lifts 20-157-ITB 20-157-ITB Alan Tye & Associates
6/19/2020 6/30/2024
Steve Dodge - Truck Alignment Parts and Service 20-087-ITB-2 ITB Steve Dodge Inc.
10/15/2020 10/14/2023
7/5/2023 6/30/2025
Strategic Marketing, Communications and Design Support for AED 19-030-RFP RFP Havit Advertising, Inc.
11/4/2019 12/31/2023
Strategy, design, development, hosting and maintenance of the Website 16-129-RFP 16-129-RFP Tempest Interactive Media, LLC
4/17/2017 10/16/2023
Streaming Video Services 22-LIB-RFP-188 22-LIB-RFP-188 Kanopy, Inc.
Kanopy, Inc.
3/3/2023 3/31/2024
Street Poles, Equipment, Luminaire Arms, Etc. 19-048-ITB ITB Traffic Systems, LLC
11/14/2018 11/13/2023
Streetscape Improvement Along Washington Blvd & 13th St N 21-DES-ITB-470 21-DES-ITB-470 Sagres Construction Corporation
Sagres Construction Corporation
Sagres Construction Corporation
3/1/2021 5/30/2024
Student Transportation 22-CPHD-R-665 R ALC SCHOOLS, LLC
3/28/2022 12/31/2023
Substance Use Disorder Residential Services 20-069-RFP-LW RFP National Capital Treatment & Recovery
1/22/2021 1/21/2024
Sullivan House & Rapid Rehousing 22-DHS-EP-247 EP Bridges to Independence, Inc.
7/1/2021 6/30/2024
Summer and Year-Round Break Camps 24-DPR-RFP-160l 24-DPR-RFP-160 SciGenius LLC
9/14/2023 8/31/2024
Summer and Year-Round Break Camps 24-DPR-RFP-160h 24-DPR-RFP-160 Momentum3
9/12/2023 8/31/2024
Summer and Year-Round Break Camps 24-DPR-RFP-160b 24-DPR-RFP-160 Boolean Girl Inc
9/6/2023 8/31/2024
Summer and Year-Round Break Camps 24-DPR-RFP-160f 24-DPR-RFP-160 Love the Ball
9/22/2023 8/31/2024
Summer and Year-Round Break Camps 24-DPR-RFP-160c 24-DPR-RFP-160 FirstServe Tennis Academy LLC
9/6/2023 8/31/2024
Summer and Year-Round Break Camps 24-DPR-RFP-160n 24-DPR-RFP-160 Sportzcampz4kidz
9/20/2023 8/31/2024
Summer and Year-Round Break Camps 24-DPR-RFP-160k 24-DPR-RFP-160 RTL Soccer Associates
9/15/2023 8/31/2024
Summer and Year-Round Break Camps 24-DPR-RFP-160j 24-DPR-RFP-160 One on One Basketball, Inc.
9/14/2023 8/31/2024
Summer and Year-Round Break Camps 24-DPR-RFP-160a 24-DPR-RFP-160 AlphaBEST Education
9/7/2023 8/31/2024
Summer and Year-Round Break Camps 24-DPR-RFP-160e 24-DPR-RFP-160 Learn Now Music Group, Inc.
9/7/2023 8/31/2024
Summer and Year-Round Break Camps 24-DPR-RFP-160m 24-DPR-RFP-160 She-EO, LLC
9/15/2023 8/31/2024
Summer and Year-Round Break Camps 24-DPR-RFP-160i 24-DPR-RFP-160 Mudskippers Pottery LLC.
9/19/2023 8/31/2024
Sun and Moon Yoga Studio, Inc. 21-DHS-RFP-483 RFP 4/12/2021 4/11/2024
Supplier S&S Learning Materials 24-DPR-R-333 R xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
9/6/2023 6/14/2024
Supply & Installation: Carpet and Floor Covering 24-DES-R-287 R Commercial Carpets of America, Inc.
7/17/2023 6/9/2024
Supported Employment Services 21-DHS-RFP-183 21-DHS-RFP-183 ServiceSource
6/15/2021 6/14/2024
Supported Employment Services 23-DHS-EP-185 EP 7/1/2022 6/30/2024
Supportive Services to Africans 21-DHS-EP-583 EP Ethiopian Community Development Council, Inc.
5/21/2021 6/30/2024
Sweeping and Pressure Washing Services 23-DES-ITBLW-373 23-DES-ITBLW-373 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
11/4/2022 10/31/2023
Swimming Pool Maintenance & Operation 23-DPR-R-511 Rider Millennium Pools and Spas
2/3/2023 2/28/2024
System Integration for PCS & SCADA 22-DES-RFP-4 22-DES-RFP-4 CDM Smith
10/26/2022 10/31/2024
System Integration Services for Oracle Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 23-DTS-RFP-201 23-DTS-RFP-201 Sierra-Cedar, LLC
1/26/2023 12/31/2024
TargetSolutions Learning, LLC d/b/a Vector Solutions 23-FIR-R-652 6/30/2023 3/24/2025
TB Testing & Diagosis 22-DHS-EP-298 EP PMA Health
11/3/2021 10/31/2024
Technology Equipment/Services 19-316-R R A3 Communications
7/25/2019 1/31/2024
Technology Products & Services 17-258-R Rider DLT Solutions, Inc.
5/1/2020 10/31/2023
Technology Products, Services, Solutions or Related Products and Services 16-312-R Rider INSIGHT PUBLIC SECTOR, INC.
5/1/2020 10/31/2023
Telecom Services & Cabling 19-240-ITB ITB Hitt Holding Corporation
7/31/2020 9/1/2024
Telecommunications Services 19-230-R R Cellco Partnership dba Verizon Wireless
6/25/2019 6/30/2024
Telecommunications Services 19-120-R R T-Mobile USA, Inc.
7/31/2020 6/30/2024
Telephone Interpretation Services 18-162-5-ITB ITB Sign Language USA, LLC
Sign Language USA, LLC
2/7/2019 6/30/2024
Telephone Interpretation Services 18-162-4-ITB ITB Language Line Services, Inc.
4/12/2019 6/30/2024
Telepsychiatry Services 22-DHS-R-507B R Genoa Telepsychiatry, Inc.
4/7/2022 11/30/2023
Temporary Care Facility & Short Term Group Home 22-JDRC-SS-250 SS Juvenile Detention Commission of Northern Virginia
10/15/2021 9/30/2023
TEMPORARY CARE FACILITY & SHORT-TERM GROUP HOME 24-JDRC-EP-322 Juvenile Detention Commission of Northern Virginia
10/1/2023 9/30/2025
Temporary Staffing Services 760-14-2LW Rider Delta T Group Virginia Inc,
7/31/2015 8/31/2024
Temporary Staffing Services 19-119-R R Manpower
9/1/2020 8/31/2024
Temporary Staffing Services 760-14-1LW Rider Temporary Solutions, Inc.
6/26/2014 8/31/2024
Tenant Outreach Services 22-CPHD-RFP-499 22-CPHD-RFP-499 BU-GATA
2/1/2023 1/31/2024
TERP Training 23-FIR-SS-566 SS xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
3/6/2023 3/5/2024
Test Hole Utility Designation, Location Services 19-066-ITB ITB Mid-Atlantic Utilities, Inc.
12/3/2020 12/2/2023
The Destination Sales and Marketing Group, LTD 18-082 THE DESTINATION SALES & MKTG GROUP
12/13/2018 6/30/2024
The Racial Equity Mindset Framework 22-CMO-SLA-498 SLA BlacBird Investments LLC. dba Racial Equity Group
12/7/2021 3/31/2024
The Toro Company 23-DPR-R-598 3/27/2023 3/27/2024
Third-Party Claims Administrator for Liability (General and Auto), First-Party Property (Inclusive of Auto Physical), Workers’ Compensation Claims and Related Services 23-HRD-RFP-506 23-HRD-RFP-506 CorVel Enterprise Comp, Inc.
7/27/2023 7/31/2024
Tire Parts and Service 20-147-ITB ITB ALBAN TIRE CORPORATION
4/10/2020 4/30/2024
Topcon Land Survey Software Subscription 22-DES-SLA-711 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
8/17/2022 8/14/2024
Traffic Data Collection Services 24-DES-R-162b R xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
5/16/2023 3/31/2024
Traffic Data Collection Services 24-DES-R-162a R xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
5/8/2023 3/31/2024
Traffic Signal ATC Cabinets 22-DES-ITB-300 22-DES-ITB-300 Econolite Control Products Inc.
12/1/2021 11/30/2023
Traffic Signal Poles 23-DES-ITB-457 23-DES-ITB-457 Traffic Systems, LLC
2/6/2023 1/31/2024
Traffic Signal Upgrades and Streetscape Improvements for three (3) Intersections: Washington Boulevard & North Glebe Road, Washington Boulevard & Patrick Henry Drive, & South Glebe Road & South Eads Street 23-DES-ITBPW-574 23-DES-ITBPW-574 ARDENT COMPANY
Ardent Company, LLC
6/14/2023 1/19/2025
Traffic Systems, LLC 20-807 ITB Traffic Systems, LLC
11/27/2019 11/26/2023
Training and Support PowerDMS Hosted Sites 21-POL-SFA-559 SFA PowerDMS, Inc.
4/16/2021 2/12/2026
Training Services Licensed Training Provider (LTP) Agreement 22-DPR-EP-356 EP The American National Red Cross
8/5/2021 8/4/2024
Training: IT Service Management (ITSM) 21-DTS-R-407a Rider Global Knowledge Training LLC
11/1/2020 11/30/2023
Training: IT Service Management (ITSM) 21-DTS-R-407b Rider Learning Tree International USA, Inc.
11/1/2020 11/30/2023
Transit Fare Media Sales and Management Services 23-DES-SSLW-382 SS The Convention Store, Inc
10/1/2022 6/30/2024
Transitional Living Services 22-DHS-EP-191 EP Friends of Guest House, Inc.
7/28/2021 7/31/2024
Transportation Services 23-DHS-SS-471 SS Transportation, Inc.
1/6/2023 7/31/2023 12/31/2023
Treasurer's Office Print and Mail Services 23-TRS-RFP-286 23-TRS-RFP-286 EverView
8/1/2023 7/31/2024
Tree Planting Services 23-DPR-ITBLW-444 ITB The Davey Tree expert Company
5/17/2023 5/31/2024
Tree Services 21-DPR-ITB-283 ITB Elswick & Elswick T/A Greentree
12/1/2020 11/30/2024
Truck Alignment Parts and Services 20-087-ITB-1 ITB Equipment Works Inc
10/15/2020 10/14/2024
Tuberculosis Testing 21-DHS-EP-573 EP xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
2/1/2023 1/31/2024
Two (2) Traffic Signal Upgrade Projects at Arlington Blvd. & N. Montague St. and Fairfax Dr. & N. Monroe St. 22-DES-ITBPW-693 22-DES-ITBPW-693 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
6/18/2022 12/22/2023
Two Columbia Pike Multi Modal Street Improvement Projects, Segments A&F 22-DES-ITBPW-617 22-DES-ITB-617 Milani Construction, LLC
Milani Construction, LLC
5/11/2022 6/30/2025
Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) 21-DES-ITB-280-2 ITB Conrado's International, Inc.
12/17/2020 12/16/2023
Umpire Services for Adult Slow Pitch Softball Games 21-DPR-ITB-499 21-DPR-ITB-499 Old Dominion Softball Umpires Association
3/1/2021 12/31/2023
Underground Detention Tank/Vault Inspection and Maintenance 24-DES-ITB-163 24-DES-ITB-163 Total Environmental Concepts, Inc
6/13/2023 6/12/2024
Underground Stormwater Facility Maintenance, Inspection, and Repair 21-DES-ITB-367 21-DES-ITB-367 Stormwater Maintenance, LLC
1/25/2021 1/24/2024
Utility Billing Service 16-248-RFP RFP Cayenta, A Division of N Harris Computer Corp -
8/9/2019 8/8/2024
5/30/2013 12/31/2023
Utility Locating Services 22-DES-R-651 Rider Pro Comm E.L.S. LLC
4/1/2022 7/31/2024
Utility Management Software 23-DES-SLA-315 SLA EnergyCAP, LLC
12/22/2022 11/20/2023
11/1/2020 10/31/2023
Value Line Research Center 21-LIB-EP-636 EP Value Line Publishing, LLC
5/28/2021 11/30/2024
Various Psychological Evaluations & Expert Testimony (Courts) 23-JDRC-EP-587 EP Multicultural Clinical Center
5/26/2023 5/8/2024
Vehicle Equipment Body Repair - Passenger 18-285-ITB ITB L&M Bodyshop, Inc.
7/31/2020 3/31/2024
Vehicle Rental Services 19-835-R R Enterprise RAC Company of Maryland, LLC
4/25/2020 4/24/2024
6/26/2019 6/30/2024
Vehicle: Low Floor Transit Buses 24-DES-R-362 R GILLIG LLC
8/24/2023 1/10/2025
Vehicle: Virginia School Buses 23-DES-R-487 R Sonny Merryman
1/20/2023 2/10/2027
Vehicles & Motorcycles 22-DES-R-486 R xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
10/9/2022 10/8/2024
Vehicles & Motorcycles 22-DES-R-485 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
11/15/2021 10/8/2024
Vehicles & Motorcycles 22-DES-R-487 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
11/15/2021 10/8/2024
Vehicles & Motorycles 22-DES-R-488 R xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
11/15/2021 10/8/2024
Vending Machine Services 20-045-RFP 20-045-RFP Culinary Ventures Maryland, LLC
12/31/2019 12/31/2023
Vendor Registry Software 22-DMF-SLA-568 22-DMF-SLA-568 Vendor Registry Software
7/1/2021 6/30/2024
VHEPC CONTRACT UVA845196 21-DTS-R-396 21-DTS-R-396 Dell Marketing L P
3/2/2021 3/30/2024
Victor Stanley Litter Receptacle Replacement Parts 23-DES-SS-616 SS xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
5/18/2023 6/30/2024
5/22/2019 5/31/2024
Vista Outdoor and Fiocchi Ammunition 23-POL-R-303 R George J Petronis Ent Inc tba The Gun Shop
7/14/2022 3/31/2024
Voice/Data Network Tower Services 21-DTS-R-260 R Cellco Partnership dba Verizon Wireless
7/28/2020 6/14/2024
Voluntary Group Long Term Care Insurance Program 22-HRD-EP-376 EP Virginia Retirement System Commonwealth of Virginia
9/1/2009 8/31/2024
Volunteer Arlington Program Management 16-020-RFP RFP Leadership Arlington, Inc.
6/17/2016 5/31/2024
Walking Tours Videos 22-AED-SFA-171 SFA Lucian Perkins, LLC
12/7/2021 6/30/2024
Washington Boulevard and N Sycamore Street Traffic Signal Upgrade Project 23-DES-ITBPW-335 23-DES-ITBPW-335 Ardent Company, LLC
1/21/2023 5/30/2024