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Type Description Deadline Status ID # Overview Docs
Sealed HIGHLANDS COUNTY JAIL WATER HEATER REPLACEMENT 7/12/2017 4:00:00 PM Open ITB 17-035 Providing all labor, materials and equipment to accomplish the removal and disposal of the existing 800 gallon electric boiler/water heater and installation of a new gas-fired tankless water heater system including all piping and controls as required to complete a properly functioning system and other items as indicated on the construction drawings. 1
Sealed REMODELING OF DESOTO CITY FIRE STATION FOR EMS 7/12/2017 4:00:00 PM Open 17-034 The Project consists of providing all labor, materials and equipment to remodel the Desoto City Fire Station located at 6840 W. George Blvd., Sebring, Florida 33875 to accommodate a Highlands County EMS unit which will be stationed there. The work shall be in accordance with the construction drawings and specifications prepared by the Lunz Group, Inc. 1
Sealed PAVEMENT MARKINGS 7/12/2017 4:00:00 AM Open 17-037 Bidder shall supply all materials, equipment, labor, and traffic control devices to install or remove all traffic stripes and markings. Traffic Stripes and Markings shall be installed in accordance with Sections 706, 709, 710, 711, 970 and 971 of the Florida Department of Transportation Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction 2010. Although there is a Measurement and Payment section in the Road and Bridge Construction 2010, Highlands County shall pay as described in Section VI: Method of Measurement of Payment, which is by linear foot and by square foot. Traffic Control shall be in accordance with the Florida Department of Transportation Roadway and Traffic Design Standards, Standard Index Series 600, and the USDOT, FHWA Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. Highlands County personnel will provide the locations of the starting and stopping points of each required marking as well as the necessary engineering to establish the location of all passing zones. Where edge stripes are required, Highlands County will provide any necessary clipping or brooming of the edge of the pavement. Vendor shall contact Traffic Operations Department two days prior to any scheduled work. An employee of Highlands County must be present during entire job. All “Raised Pavement Markers” are to be “PERMANENT TYPE” and on FDOT’S most current approved products List. 1
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