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Type Description Deadline Status ID # Overview Docs
Sealed Milton Downtown Wayfinding Signage Project 2/28/2017 2:00:00 PM Deadline Expired ITB 17-CD02 The City of Milton Community Development Department, (City), requests that interested parties submit formal sealed bids/proposals for the Milton Downtown Wayfinding Signage Project. The scope of this project generally consists of the construction and installation of wayfinding signage for the Crabapple District (Downtown Milton) of the City of Milton. 3
Sealed Right of Way Maintenance Services 2/21/2017 2:00:00 PM Deadline Expired ITB 17-PW03 The City of Milton is located in the northern portion of Fulton County and has a current population of approximately 37,547 with a total land area of 39 square miles. The City provides municipal Public Works services through a public-private partnership model and is looking for qualified vendors to provide service for Right of Way Maintenance services. The right of way maintenance program will consist of, but may not be limited to, the following activities: General right-of-way (ROW) maintenance, signs maintenance and installation (regulatory, warning and guide type signs), installation of preform type hot tape pavement markings and storm drain and ditch maintenance/debris removal. The right of way maintenance crews will serve as the primary crews for the day-to-day operations of the Public Works Department. In addition to the items outlined in this scope the contractor shall provide labor for general maintenance issues as may be directed by the City. The City of Milton reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive technicalities and informalities, and to make award in the best interest of the City of Milton. For additional information see documents below: 1
Sealed City Program Management Services 1/26/2017 2:00:00 PM Deadline Expired RFQ 17-PW01 The City of Milton Department of Public Works is preparing to select a project team to assist in the implementation of the capital improvement program over the next five (5) years by providing program management services on an as needed basis as determined by the City. These services may include overall program management, design project management, right of way management and acquisition, construction project management, construction inspection, and materials and testing services. The project team may not be involved in the actual design or construction of the projects in the current capital improvement program or land development and are precluded from submitting a response to this request. The projects requiring these services will be infrastructure projects through the public works department of the City of Milton and may include local, Fulton County TSPLOST, State or Federal funding. The type of projects may include bridge, stormwater, roadway, pedestrian, or land development. 1
Sealed Recruitment Market Study 1/24/2017 2:00:00 PM Deadline Expired RFP 17-ED01 The City is soliciting proposals from firms/individuals interested in developing a retail development strategy that maximizes the retail and restaurant potential for the City as well as provides business retention tools and an analytic portal to customize reports. The successful firm/individual will conduct a site assessment of the City’s market trade area and profile the customers’ buying habits, lifestyle characteristics and media habits. The results of the assessment will be used to guide the elected officials and staff of the City to make decisions and commitments to grow the City’s retail/restaurant sector and shape goals and policy long term. 2
Sealed City-wide Master Plan Update for Parks/Recreation and Creation of Conceptual/Master Plan for Providence Park 1/19/2017 2:00:00 PM Deadline Expired RFQ 17-PR01 The City of Milton, Georgia (City) is requesting statements of qualifications for qualified planning consultants to prepare an update to the City’s Parks and Recreation Master Plan that was adopted in 2012. Additionally, a new master plan as well as detailed conceptual plan with cost estimates is requested for Providence Park. Areas of key concern to be incorporated into the Scope of Work include, but are not limited to the following: • Usability of Parks; • Community needs; • Program needs and trends; • Future park and program development opportunities; and, • Funding mechanisms. The public participation process should engage and encourage the involvement of community leaders, key stakeholders, and Milton residents. At key milestones during the engagement, the consultant will provide in public meetings, presentations to these above referenced groups. Successful completion of the engagement will culminate in the adoption of the document. 2
Sealed Janitorial Services 1/17/2017 2:00:00 PM Deadline Expired RFP 17-PW02 The City of Milton (City), is seeking written proposals from qualified vendors to provide janitorial services for various facilities owned and operated by the City of Milton. The objectives of the City are to secure a timely, consistent, and cost effective janitorial contract from one Contractor, to ensure clean and safe office facilities for employees and customers doing business with the City. The work covered in this specification includes furnishing all labor, equipment and supervision necessary for complete janitorial service. It shall be understood that in addition to these services, all tasks incidental to cleaning functions not specifically listed but normally included in general janitorial practices, will be provided. The City will consider innovative solutions and alternatives that will best accomplish the desired outcome and provide the best overall value to the City. The City provides municipal Public Works services through a public-private partnership model and is looking for qualified vendors to provide janitorial services for the following facilities: 1. City Hall – 2006 Heritage Walk (New Facility-Vendors should be aware that Heritage Walk is a new road that is currently under construction) 2. Broadwell Pavilion – 12615 Broadwell Road 3. Bethwell Community Center – 2695 Hopewell Rd 4. Thomas S. Byrd Sr. House – 15690 Hopewell Road 3
Sealed Preparation of a Unified Development Code 1/13/2017 2:00:00 PM Deadline Expired RFQ 17-CD01 The UDC will consist of at least the following ordinances/codes: the Zoning Ordinance, Chapter 64; Environmental Regulations (including storm water, floodplain, stream buffer and noise control), Chapter 20; the Subdivision Regulations, Chapter 50; the Vegetation Ordinance (the tree ordinance which is currently under revision), Chapter 60; Streets, Sidewalks, and Other Public Places, Chapter 48; Buildings and Building Regulations, Chapter 10; Fire prevention and Protection, Chapter 22; and any other ordinance thought appropriate to the overall development process. The UDC will also include the delineation of a comprehensive development process as well as the standardization of all forms. It is the intent of the City to have the consultant concentrate on establishing consistency between these above referenced ordinances/codes, eliminating redundancy and re-organizing them into a more organized format. The City at this time is not requesting a complete re-draft of these ordinances/codes. 2
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